Monday, April 4, 2011

Project Desert Hunter WIP 1

so.. the first WIP.. it still at the process of re-building the kit.. adding pla plate and scribing line.. will have to get those M.S.G part and paint by tomorrow.. will start the painting process for the head, chest and waist after adding the M.S.G part..

these are most of the parts from chest and waist that added pla-plate..
the shoulders.. i try not over adding pla plate and not create multilayer pla plate cause i'm only using 0.5mm pla plate which is a bit too thick.. some sketch work on the diorama beneath it.. haha..
i'm actually have the pla plate process reach till the arms.. the only thing left for pla plating now will be the legs, weapons and the shield.. the legs will be the most interesting part.. will show it in the next WIP
as for now.. chilling.. time to get back to my work and assignment..

want to know more about the black background used for the MG Wing.. check out the next post..


Gundam Gunso said...

Great to see you start on this project. Looking forward to new developments for this XD

seven6398 said...

gundam gunso: sure.. keep on buying material recently and my wallet is burning.. haha..

Tom said...

Stylizing pla-platings on the Dynames. Looks good so far.

nanashi21 said...

also looking forward for your new project~
i already have one and never thougt about to paint it..xD

seven6398 said...

nanashi21: everyone have their way for their kit.. its alright even if you not plan to paint it..


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