Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Sacrifice (kit)

alright.. recently i read a lot of article created by gunpla blogger such as "why collecting gunpla?", "why modify gunpla?", "gundam, anime versus gunpla" and all sort of thing.. i'm not going to comment anything or write an feedback about those article here (cause i already comment on the post there, hehe).. but these article also make me want to write something about kit modification which i found this topic is not that hot recently..  the "The Sacrificeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!".. what do i mean by sacrifice?.. simple.. destroy a kit or take some part of the kit for customization for other kit or making a diorama.. let show some of the example.. 

alright.. this the first example that i want to show.. the most simple diorama that sacrifice lot of Zaku which means..  damage lot of Zaku in this diorama.. and this can cost a lot.. it doesn't matter as long the result turn good..
as for this.. i'm saying it not good.. but i feel it can be better.. but i think this image is from the WIP process but quite close to the end result.. well.. i'm not judging or anything.. but i just feel that if we sacrificing a kit that can't reach a good result.. for me.. whats the point?
this is what i mean.. sorry for the owner of this kit and the picture.. i'm not saying you did a bad job but as for me.. i feel this just fail.. ok.. that is subjective which is depend on you.. there is no judgment on damage kit customization is success or fail.. cause damage can be anything.. what most important thing is the kit that sacrifice to look as damage unit is.. i feel it should done it in a proper way.. at least.. it should more look realistic..
like this.. due to the damage on the MS is unpredictable in the war.. we can't actually say how the damage should look like.. so we can't say a customize gundam damage is good or not.. but we still can actually giving opinion in terms of realistic.. as for me.. if the kit execute in a realistic way of damaging.. i feel the kit will not be wasted.. again.. IMHO..
this is the second scenario that will make a modeler sacrifice gundam kit.. basically it is a customize MG unicorn in Nu-gundam color scheme and lot of other part from other kit such as the wing binder from NG 1/100 O raiser.. this is a well execution.. i saw this in real (mean not just the picture) in Malaysia Bakuc.. only one question come in my mind.. how many kit did the modeler sacrifice to reach this result?.. but that is not important as long as the result is good.. what if the end result is not the result we want and we couldn't save it such as correct the mistake or make the mistake look better and realistic?.. isn't it will just waste another kit when we try to sacrifice a kit in order to use those parts to customize out another kit?.. usually the kit that we sacrifice for its part can't be save.. just like the Vanator i done.. to be honest.. the color works out but the modification can be said.. fail.. sorry that i disappointed some of you who like it.. the idea and color scheme is great but the execution and the end result is completely fail.. i have to accept this.. i mean for me.. 
i found another reason that some people can just sacrifice a kit for customization and even if it fail and wasted.. it won't bother.. why.. some kit come in two version which it NG and MG.. if you had both.. sacrificing the NG for another kit even if it fail.. not a problem since i had the MG version and i can enjoy the experience of modifying a kit even it fail.. mistakes means experience.. so we can do it better next time..

so.. sacrifice your kit?

again.. i'm trying to judge other people work good or bad but all are just my opinion.. and all images are from various sources.. "Google"..

 ready to launch..

these are the sneak peek of my current project before i end the post.. the kit is done.. photo album of this kit will be create soon.. and i will move to the diorama part soon.. 

stay tune..


ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

dont worry. soon you'll have the urge for some sacrifices XD
me myself,as you venture deeper into gunpla modding, as well as producing more painted or modded kits, there will a time where you'll have a biased look on your previous OOB kits. i do have that kind of sight now, now considering three options
-sell old oob kits
-rework (repaint etc)
-sacrifice, either took some parts or use the frame

"we need to go deeper XD"

Gundam Gunso said...

Hmm.... I must say I feel the same too. I kind of feel attached to my older kits, thus I may not have the heart to 'sacrifice' them for some customization or new parts XD

seven6398 said...

Zd: i already done it.. i sacrifice a MG destiny to merge with MG SF and create Vanator.. selling old kit?.. hell no for me.. i'm rather remake on the old kit and stop buying new kit than selling them.. so.. second choice on your list.. what is OOB kit anyway..

Gundam GUnso: it is pain to sacrifice old kit.. i feel that before and i don't think i will do it again..

Tom said...

OOB means Out Of Box
I though you were gonna paint Dynames in a desert color scheme.

chrismandesign said...

as i’m not that ambitious, i will not sacrifice any of my kits to create dioramas or so... anyway, my kits r usually the "all inclusive" models, so i couldn’t b tempted to destroy them or "adding some extras" to make them look better that they’re already... good for those who dare to do that, but i’m not in that club =)

seven6398 said...

Tom: so des ka.. haha.. no.. i keep it in the original color but i will try to add some dessert weathering form on it to suit the title..

Chris: you always make the kit as original as it is.. that is ambitious enough.. making a kit as original as it is.. is actually more difficult than modifying as there are something that must follow..

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

it's hard to resist from buying new kits ^^;;;

seven6398 said...

Zd: yeah.. the feeling of buying new kit is too great.. haha.. sometimes i can't resist the addiction too..


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