Saturday, April 17, 2010

Damn Busy

wow.. seems like i didn't post anything these few days.. so tired.. got no time to continue my gunpla work.. damn it.. almost everything stuck in the same week..

first my mid term.. financial management fall on Friday which i only realize it on Wednesday and i thought it should on next Monday.. fine.. use my entire Thursday to study then.. still.. i can't even answer all the question.. hope my marks will more than 50%..
at the same day of my mid-term.. it was the first day of PC fair too.. nothing to be happy because i am not the one who visit and shopping there.. i need to work for this stressful PC fair.. which face a lot of pressure from the sales figure.. damn.. i'm just a promoter but i need to worry lot of things too.. and the pay still remain the same.. whatever.. tomorrow is the last day of PC fair.. hope things end faster.. so i can take a break..
talking about break.. yeah!!!!!.. company trip on next Tuesday.. which mean i only have one day to rest after PC fair.. this time will visit Malacca.. going to have some fun there.. i have long time not fully rest because my fortress (my home).. always interupted even when i'm in holiday..

well.. will try to finish my current gunpla project soon.. maybe next Monday.. and then post it here..

so.. stay tune..

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