Tuesday, April 27, 2010

MG Mk-2 A.E.U.G. ver.2

its done.. after so many hours spent.. well.. if i'm not busy with my work and study.. i guess i'm able to finish it in two weeks rather than a month with so many WIPs.. well.. some work need more time to make it nice but if some work do not need that much of time but we drag it long.. mistakes or tragedy will easily come to us.. so.. what happen to this kit is i drag this project too long and left the complete kit without the decals and markings on the table too long.. dust get on it.. when clean it.. i accidentally scratch the paint.. the interesting part is while i doing the cleaning on those frozen coat with thinner which i mention last few post.. the tissue with the thinner got in to the paint and it rub the paint off.. like what have in some close up photo at the chest.. damn it.. i lost one of the beam saber too.. and while i'm posing the kit.. some of the paint got scratch OUT!!!!!.. but the scratches look quite nice.. like the after battle effect.. haha

so.. here is the final part of this kit.. first.. talk about the kit itself.. very high articulated with a lot of sliding armors.. especially on the legs and arms.. even the shield.. i like the sliding armors on the leg very much.. every proportion of this kit looks even.. nothing too big or too small.. but this kit is consider as large size MG (bigger than those seed series, wing series, crossbone and oo series).. and the weight is definitely quite heavy.. luckily this kit doesn't come with big back pack like those wing from freedom.. or else.. it will become heavier and hard to pose.. but the legs carry quite lots of weight and the pelvis joint is not strong enough to support it.. that the only issue that i have with this kit..

weapons.. i still don't know how to post the bazooka.. as i said.. i last one of the beam saber.. and beam saber is ok.. mm..

the summary of my WIPs:

basically i'm just re-paint some of the part

-Mr.color dark green mix with Gaia black
-Mr.color dark blue mix with Gaia black
-Mr.color metallic steel black (for the frame)
-abro silver chrome
-panel line
-decals and markings

thats all..

enough here.. lets check the pic..

i forgot the picture for the MK2 famous kick.. never mind.. forget about it.. i store it into the display shelf and lazy to take it out again..



chrismandesign said...

quite fine job done here Seven, congrats again =D... the picks r really nice & detail in depth all the posibilities of this MK... the base is undoubtedly an additional charm & excellent for exhibition (if u hav the appropiate space)... the personalization seems inspirational (at least now that finally i hav my gundam markers here... barely 3 sets, 1 eraser, 1 liner & a mini box of extra leads but too expensive for my taste... i’ll publish’em, cuz their final price here is absurd, u will see...)

Arein said...

Real nice man.. Next time in your figure.fm post you might want to post more pictures :3

seven6398 said...

Chris: thx.. too bad the base is too big for me display it out.. it is a perfect base and it even can combine with the stand from Zeta.. the base now have to stay back into the box.. great to hear about your gundam marker set..

Arein: thx.. i tried but it failed.. there are some error during the upload process.. and it is quite risky to upload too many photos at one time because it may make the entire post fail to upload.. especially my internet line is damn weak..

Shinra said...

Wow, nice photos! Great job, really like those panel lines


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