Sunday, April 4, 2010

MG Mk-2 A.E.U.G. ver.2 WIP 7

alright.. almost done for pre-assemble process.. still left the waist to go..

this part is for legs and feet..

always forget to put those parts into the first picture.. those parts is not tiny.. but lots of detail inside.. not showing the mesh pipe here.. because i'm going to paint it before i cut it out..
quite lot of parts for the feet..
bling bling.. yummy.. this for the hydraulic pump.. no need to paint here anymore.. haha..
the inner frame for the feet..
what i like is here.. the inner frame of the feet expose out at the bottom of the feet..

the structure for the leg is pretty simple.. lot of sliding effect.. those parts are not hard to paint too.. all the parts can be separate easily..

the complete inner frame for the leg..

alright legs complete..

to be continue..


LEon said...

You asked about the gundam competition over at my blog and just found out Malaysia have one too.

seven6398 said...

Leon: hey.. thx for updating me.. i was wondering when was it.. and it only got less 2 months away from now.. haha.. guess i better prepare asap.. again.. thx..


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