Monday, April 19, 2010

MG Mk-2 A.E.U.G. ver.2 WIP 11

well.. i suppose to finish the entire project yesterday.. due to the failure from some of my supply.. which is the top coat.. my job just double up.. what happen was the top coat that i bought few days ago.. Mr.color top coat.. i'm not sure whats wrong with the top coat but it look like gel than liquid type when i check the top coat.. i think the seller sell me an expired top coat.. i use thinner to mix it together and become liquid like the usual top coat i use.. i was happy that my mixture works well.. but tragedy happen after i finish top coat all the white color parts.. those top coat dry and create something like frozen white dot on the surface.. i guess the first picture have explain it.. i was like.. WTF!!!.. the weather is damn hot here and the environment just hot and dry.. how could be the frozen stuff happen now and here.. then i remove it immediately and re-apply.. and i got the same result.. son of the bitch.. i check the empty bottle that i use to mix the thinner and top coat.. and i spot the whole result of this mixture after it dry.. luckily i didn't apply this top coat to those red color parts yet.. or else.. i have no idea what to do.. one more problem was i use to apply panel line before top coat so that i can easily correct it before top coat.. what happen was the thinner that mix together with top coat smear all those panel line out of the place.. first.. it look like weathering effect.. so nice.. but actually.. i have to remove everything and re-apply..

i lost some dry decal like what you seen in the second picture.. the left shoulder.. because i'm using the thinner directly.. never mind.. only few decal i spoil.. not planning to replace it either.. and since i have no mat top coat now.. i decided to leave this kit without top coat after i remove all this frozen coat.. and re-apply the panel line as well..
some of this hydraulic part should paint in gold color as my plan.. but due to some problem with my compressor at the beginning.. i use the abro silver chrome spray can paint on it directly.. after that.. my compressor back into action?.. damn it.. i can feel the time of my tiny compressor coming soon.. well.. it serve 4 kit for me.. time for it to retire..
i use the same abro paint on the mesh pipe too.. to make it look like metal pipe effect.. while i assemble it in.. those paint keep on coming off.. argh!!!.. have to leave it too..

so.. going to Malacca today.. will continue the work after i come back.. maybe tomorrow or the after tomorrow.. still got a lot of work to do.. ARGH!!!.. stupid top coat..

will be continue

off to Malacca..


Asian1skill said...

looking good love the inner frame cant wait to see more and ur ab skills are getting better

seven6398 said...

Asian1skill: thx.. i will try to finish it asap..


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