Sunday, April 11, 2010

MG Mk-2 A.E.U.G. ver.2 WIP 9

alright.. i'm back.. after few days not updating anything about this project..

this WIP will be about decal, marking and preparation for painting..
since i'm not going to re-paint those white color parts.. then i will direct apply decals and markings.. then apply mat top coat on it.. have to disassemble all the part for panel line too..
all the plate armor disassemble from the frame..
first round will on dark color part which are the inner frame, the dark blue and black green part re-paint as what i planned.. then the second round will be the mat top coat on white color parts.. surfacer will go first..
since my mat top coat running out of stock.. better get extra for re-supply.. getting two bottle so i can have one back up and don't need to re-supply that frequent.. well.. one small bottle like this can use for two MG.. at least.. it depend on the mixture of thinner.. bought the dark blue too.. just like the color when i saw it.. since i don't like the gaia blue and if i use the gaia blue to mix with the black.. the black color may fully take over the blue color when i mix it up.. i'm going to use it for the chest and the shield.. i don't like the original dark blue which look very dark..
looking on the top of the bottle where there are so much dust have know the seller of this paint have keep this stock long time ago.. which means this is a old blue color..

to be continue..


Faris said...

Can't wait to see the result man

seven6398 said...

Faris: i will try to finish it by next week.. just got the inner frame painted.. will post it later..


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