Tuesday, April 13, 2010

MG Mk-2 A.E.U.G. ver.2 WIP 10

well.. the parts that need to be paint are all painted now.. four hours of surfacing and four hours of painting which give a total eight hour to done all the painting process that i done it in three days.. tired, exhausting and almost breakdown..

talking about breakdown.. first.. the airbrush bring me lots of problem.. i 'm just have one hour to do my job yesterday.. and because of the airbrush failure.. i lost half an hour to fix it back.. so.. what happen was the trigger got stuck.. then i fixed it and no air coming out from the airbrush which i have on the compressor and everything should be.. ok.. so i try to figured it out what is wrong again.. and i disassemble the airbrush which i don't even know how should i assemble back.. disassemble and reassemble for few times.. finally i understand the structure of the airbrush but it still not working.. so.. where was the problem.. the problem was in the connector of the airbrush to the hose.. which it can't be fully lock (turn) or the hole for releasing the air will be block.. damn.. what an interesting experience..

four hours of painting really make me panic all the time as i afraid the compressor will be overheat.. have to stop few times in these four hours to let the compressor cool down.. roughly about 20 to 40 minutes.. which i use that time for my breakfast.. i was thinking is there any fastest way to let the compressor cool down?.. well.. i open up the cover under the compressor.. i disassemble thing again.. normally it won't survive once i disassemble something (that is why i won't be involve in medic as if i'm doing a surgery, you know what will happen next).. the compressor and the airbrush was lucky.. so.. how was the inside of the compressor?.. since my compressor is a tiny compressor.. the stucture inside the compressor not that complicated.. feels like a Tamiya 4WD car.. haha.. and the compressor cool down faster after i open the cover.. so.. lets check some of the pics here..

it is the black metal from Mr.color..
damn.. i forgot to paint the side of this targeting censor from the head unit.. guess i'm going to left it this way since the effect look quite nice too..
some of the parts like this.. shield was painted into dark blue.. too dark actually.. didn't know how much the black gaia went into the bottle while i mixing the color.. damn.. almost look like black color..
it also happen the dark green.. damn.. the dark blue and dark green look almost same.. when it not compare side by side like the picture below..

the only thing i complete now is the beam rifle.. but still haven't apply the decal to here yet..
when i thought everything go well.. i try bend the leg and this is what happen.. the parts stick to each other because the paint i applied too thick.. i have no idea how to repair it..

same to the front as well.. hope the plate armor able to cover it..

to be continue..

off to pasar malam.. haha


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Man! You are one determine Gunpla fan! I really lack the patience and skills to prefect any of my kit. Sigh... It's nice to see how other build them.

seven6398 said...

Dennis: thx..

Jacques said...

I also had a couple of scares with my compressor previously, after using it for too long. I once pushed it too hard by keeping it running for approximately 4 hours continously without realising, before the pressure suddenly dropped crazily and I couldn't spray at all.

After that incident, I would keep the compressor on for a maximum of 2 hours and give it a 1 hour break before continuing.


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