Friday, April 2, 2010

Macross Frontier 1/72 VF-25F Armored Messiah

Alto.. Ikke!!!!!.. finally.. gettoh.. my first Macross Frontier model kit.. i never own any product from Macross Frontier.. i remember the first time i encounter Macross was from from a 2d video game when i was in primary school.. what i realize is the the fighter plane can be transform but the fire power remain the same while the size of the unit become bigger and easily hit by enemy.. then saw the other version from the amusement park where it is one of the famous 2d fighter plane video game as the unit can be expand, transform and have stronger fire power.. too bad that my skill on that type of video game sucks..

after getting myself into gunpla world only realized there are so many of toys, figure and even model kit in Macross series.. i remember my first Macross anime was M
across Zero.. it was so cool where the design of those Valkyrie in fighter mode was similar to the original military fighter plane.. then i started get in deep into Macross and watch some of the Macross series..

too bad most of the Macross model kit will only come in either fighter mode or battroid for those old series like those VF-1.. they can't transform.. as for some high quality Macross series figure or toys which can be transform will only available in other form like Chogokin or (some other which i don't know what it call).. eventhough i have started to learn more about Macross.. i'm still in rookie stage.. which know not much about Macross..

the only Macross series that i knew enough was Macross Frontier which is the latest Macross series.. and the model kit that released in this series was damn cool.. full transformation, come with different weapon pack, lots of decal, detail was awesome and the articulation and proportion is almost perfect as those Chogokin grade.. can be consider MG in gunpla.. the Macross unit that i always wish to have.. 1/72 VF-25 Armored Messiah.. either Alto unit or Ozama unit.. personally, i like Ozama's unit more than Alto's unit as i love high skill and experience pilot or character in the anime rather than the main character which is new pilot have lots of potential.. but as the color scheme and extra weapon that come with Alto's unit in Armor Messiah model kit.. i have admit that i was greedy to take Alto's unit first instead getting Ozama's unit which i need to wait because
it currently out of stock at the place i want to get it..

so.. this is it.. MG size box..

but the thickness of the box is almost double from the MG box because of the extra Ammor parts..

really tempting.. obsessing me to stop all other project and start for this.. haha.. well it will be my holiday project since this kit require ton work to complete it.. will start on this kit around Jun or July since my compressor starting to shout that it want to quit and i need to get a new one.. i guess i'm just overheat the compressor but it still working.. so.. new compressor coming soon around Jun.. this time.. order a better compressor.. will show it once i get it.. haha..

alright.. thats for my first post in April..

Off for Clash of The Titan..


Busterbeam said...


Mike said...

good ah! would like to see that. how much u bought it?

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

aah~ macross kit~ will try it someday ^^

Faris said...

I always wanted to try and asse,ble a Macross kit but the problem for is that its very expensive.rather buy 2 Mg Gunpla

Luffy d Munkey said...

nice get!

chrismandesign said...

hehehe i hav to wait such a long time to grab one of these delicious pieces... but at this moment, i hav to much consolation prizes, waiting to b assembled, so i’m just a lil’ bit envious =PPPP congrats Seven !!! =PPPPPPPP said...

nice, just be careful on the transformation, the model kit vf's are fragile unlike the dx chogokins,

btw , do you want to links exchange?

added you on my link roll on my website


seven6398 said...

Busterbeam: em.. don't know how to response.. hehe.. i guess i get your meaning.. thx..

Mike: it cost me for RM 292.. will try to build it asap..

Zoidiect: definitely is a great try as i read the manual.. it is fantastic..

Faris: mm.. i guess the price got so high is due to the perfection of the transformation and the detail of Macross kit really unbelievable..

Luffy: thx..

Chris: thx.. consolation prizes?. what is it? have to check your blog.. haha

seven6398 said...

ignitionmode: thx.. i will take note on that.. wow.. you own those DX chogokin Macross series too.. always wish to have it when i saw it in comic store.. but the price is just too high for me.. btw.. nice to meet you..

added in my link too..

vahn1031 said...

is the armor parts removable?


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