Sunday, April 4, 2010

MG Mk-2 A.E.U.G. ver.2 WIP 8

well.. almost there.. the waist unit.. complete it and joint everything together..

still using ball joint.. but this is a lot better as the gap in between the ball joint and the center part is further than those NG 1/100 version.. this is the crucial part where it determine the kit can make dynamic pose or not.. but it also depend on the connector from the pelvis as well..

i was thinking that how modeler fill in those empty space behind those skirt armor.. and what is the purpose of doing that.. using putty?..
the joint for the shield to the arm..
pre-build stage complete.. will stop the work a while from here as my assignment due date coming soon.. and i won't be free on afternoon after today.. so.. got no time to paint it.. may continue the work next week or earlier..

to be continue..

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