Thursday, April 8, 2010

Online Hobbyshop in Malaysia ( gwing-online)

this post is mainly made for those who live in Malaysia.. but the information can be share to others too.. so.. most of the time.. where do we purchase our hobby stuff?.. local store?. online?. or maybe
from some private reseller..

most of the people will think buying hobby stuff from online is cheaper as the discount that stated in the site can't be found at local store.. 65% discount?.. man.. that is really a great deal.. and if the online hobbyshop is base on the same country you live.. you are definitely a lucky man.. or girl.. because the shipping fees within the country is very cheap.. and the most important thing is we can always able to find some rare model kit at online.. so.. i'm really want to live in Japan.. haha..

as for me now in Malaysia.. i can say i'm still lucky that i 'm able to find those model kit which cost the same price in Japan.. retail price.. not those like discounted price from the site.. but definitely not from those JUSCO, Toy'r'us or Metrojaya which cost 20% to 30% more than the retail price from Japan.. stupid big store!!! but why i choose local store most of the time than buying online.. it is because the place i lived.. i have do a simple calculation.. well.. no offend guys.. i guess lot of people have realize it.. the shipping fees of the purchase i made to the online shop is quite high.. after adding the cost of the model kit and shipping fees.. the price that i need to pay may higher than the price of the model kit that sold in local store.. but sometimes i found the price is same as online hobby shop offer a lot of discount.. one bad habit that i have is like to visit those gundam shop and see what they display inside and obsessing me bring them home.. so i have no more money to buy something from online.. since i can get almost the same price that i can get from online from the local store.. without hesitating.. i pay for it.. but then.. what happen is the local store that i went usually have a high parking fees.. fuel not counted yet.. so.. sometimes purchasing model kit from online do have advantage as we don't need to spend time to travel and pay that GOD DAMN HIGH PARKING FEES!!! in some place ( why do highlight it, try find out where i buy my gunpla from the local store).. and the feeling when watching parcel arrive to your door.. i jump.. i laugh.. and i stay in the room with the box for half-day (skip this part, it was a stupid act).. ok.. forget about my story of buying hobby stuff..

well.. recently i found one good solution for me where i looks like live in Japan (looks like, in fact, i'm not).. what is it?.. i can purchase hobby stuff in Malaysia online which have the retail price same in Japan with a bit of discount and i can enjoy low shipping fees which mean shipping within the country.. how? go to this site.. register yourself and log in.. you will find out what i want to say next.. the site name called G Wing Online Merchant Ship.. it is a online hobbyshop based in Malaysia (i think it is from Penang).. you need to register and log into the site so you can view the price.. um.. this is not good for those who don't want to register but want to know more about the site.. well the price is not discount that much like 30% to 60% but the shipping fees within Malaysia only cost roughtly about RM 10 to RM 15.. that is why i said this post mainly for Malaysian.. but they do ship hobby stuff to other country.. since we able to get Japanese retail price from local store in Malaysia.. why not purchase online from G Wing Online Merchant Ship where you also have the same Japanese retail price with discount and only pay extra a little bit for shipping fees while you save the time to travel, fuel and parking fees?..


fairuzaliayen said...

I KNOW where are you referring to as the place that has SUPER EXPENSIVE PARKING FEES!!!! hahahah TIMES SQUARE!!!!! hahahahaha lucky TIME MACHINE, Graffiti toys, Gamers arena and all those bootlegs shop are not located in KLCC if not lagi mampus mau bayar parking fees!!!! hahahaha

anyway i have never tried g wing merchant but i tried this one to buy my 007 swords=) and it turned out nicely=)will buy more gunplas soon but now quite pokai so time to assemble... lets stop buying FOR A WHILE and FOCUS on ASSEMBLING (as if we can do so=p) hahahhaa

seven6398 said...

fairul: you got it bro.. haha..

EXkurogane ~K'~ said...

MY FAVOURITE DEALER!!! Heck, their replies and shipping are very fast. I was like, i paid at 3.30pm, mailed and info them at 4.30pm, they replied me at 5.15pm. And, the next day at 9am i got the mail my items have been shipped. So far y GDex my items need a max of 2 days only to arrive...

Hell, their pricing are very competitive and cheap, and even accessories etc are available... I think i should suggest them stocking in water decals and mr mark setter.

seven6398 said...

kurogane: well.. they are really fast.. i experience the same thing too.. i also impress with the speed of delivery..


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