Monday, June 14, 2010

June loots part 1

finally i get it.. from the same place i mention that sell RM 80+.. i saw the price had changed.. back to RM 55.. although i feel it still a bit expensive than what i saw before but since this kit have become almost antique.. so hard to find in local.. even online.. so.. without hesitating.. i grab it.. but the regular version still remain at RM 79.. well.. i'm really broke this month.. even the price for regular version may drop soon.. but i'm really don't have anymore bullet to shoot my target..

oh.. almost forgot to mention that i get extra thinner too.. haha.. thought want to buy the 400ml.. RM 12 for 110ml while 400ml only cost RM36.. should get the big one instead of small one.. my wallet doesn't allow me..

damn.. Litt Tak warehouse sales coming soon.. 16 June 2010.. at Litt Tak Sdn Bhd of course.. but i'm really.. BROKE!!!..

1 comment:

chrismandesign said...

same here seven... totally broke man, a black hole in my wallet... huh, my friend provider showed me this kit as well, but i had to say NO WAY, NO BUCKS... LOL XD


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