Monday, June 21, 2010

Fixing my compressor

my MG GN-X was delay so long from completion is all due to this compressor.. i think i mention before in some previous post.. the switch and the screw position.. that give me lot of problem.. so now i figured out some solution and fix it.. but too bad.. after fixing these two problem.. another problem arise which will end the life of this pity little compressor..

well.. share some info that how i fix it..

first problem come from the switch.. i guess the the pin inside the switch have loose.. so i try to put some glue to fix it but it seems fail.. so..

Bought some other stuff to make some changes on the wiring.. i don't know what called this tool.. i forget its name.. i just call it the heat pen.. haha.. and the tin.. those material that use to make can..
1 is related to the problem of the switch.. first i cut off the wire that connect in between the switch and the motor.. leave the switch alone and connect the black wire direct to the port of blue wire so that electricity can flow directly without going through the switch.. now.. no more switch that off my compressor.. once i switch on the plug and the compressor will on itself.. but this can be dangerous.. remember not connect any wire or the compressor to any plug to prevent shock by electric while doing this.. the tin and the heat pen is use to seal the connection like glue.. so.. problem for switch fix..

2 and 3 regarding on the screw.. the original screws have removed due to can't provide strong grip which will make motor can't produce enough pressure for the air.. so i change to a longer screw to lock the motor properly.. the length of the screw? see the next picture.. it can be said fix on this problem but the screw will loosen up again due to the movement of the motor.. and the heat that created from the motor is melting the grip for the screw due to the poor quality plastic for this compressor's casing..
well... regarding to the motor and screw.. because i need to lock tight the motor with long screw.. the motor eventually stay contact to the casing.. when the motor work too long.. the heat that created is actually melting the casing and in the same time.. casing which give the grip to the screw will also loosen up.. "the surgery seems successful but the body can't hold long for the organ".. so it will still going to die soon.. zzz

guess i'm really need to spend some money for new compressor soon.. the seller got the stock but i don't have the money for it.. BROKE!!!


chrismandesign said...

well seven, i hav no compressor at this moment neither an airbrush, but a friend of mine (that’s what friends r for LOL...=) will lend me his tools, so now all i hav to do is begin... anyway my plans r not so ambitious... & i hav plans as well, to get a brand new compressor & airbrush for me (when money returns to my wallet, hehehe...) & i’m pretty sure that i’ll not buy a tiny compressor (neither an industrial one) but something in the middle...

seven6398 said...

Chris: you are so lucky.. i'm looking for a friend to borrow me too.. yeah.. should not get the tiny compressor.. industrial compressor will be too big and noisy.. get the right one will be a lot better..


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