Tuesday, June 29, 2010

MF VF-25F Armored Messiah WIP 5

this will be the longest WIP post.. it's all about the leg unit.. i separated few picture for all the parts and almost of the pictures of this WIP is same as the manual..the leg even bulkier than virtue gundam's leg which is the bulkier leg gundam i ever build.. lots of detail.. but this is not the most complicated part yet as everything goes well after assembling all parts..

start with the feet which is also the main engine's booster..
these for the knees..
all the main parts for the leg..

the structure inside the inner frame..
missile pods..

armor parts and more missile pods..

legs can bend well even with such huge and bulk armor..
bend in front for gerwalk gimmick..

the most annoying thing in this leg is it not easy to pull the feet out once everything attach on.. feels like very fragile and something going to broke when i try to pull the feets out.. damn.. i think i have to remove the armor for the feet..

next will be the chest on part two..

to be continue..


Vibretto said...

Thanks for the detailed WiP posts. i've been checking out these macross kits and am tempted to get one (hopefully in the near future) and you're detailed WiP is very helpful

seven6398 said...

Vibretto: you're welcome.. nice mobile CGUE there..

seven6398 said...

Vibretto: you're welcome.. nice mobile CGUE there..

Vibretto said...

thanks :) i've panel-lined and flat coated it now, but i haven't taken photos of it yet :-(


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