Saturday, June 19, 2010

June loot part 2

haha.. got it on yesterday..

-HGUC Stark Jegan
-Injection kit Arbalest

the first two kit was in my plan for "get it".. but i saw the injection kit of arbalest and it selling for about RM 30.. so.. curious about it and get it for fun.. for such size of box.. i can't expect much but from product descriptions.. those joint are support by a lot of ball joints and it make the kit well articulated but have to paint the entire kit myself since it doesn't come with any colors..

hope the part 3 coming soon.. and these are my reason that explain why i'm broke now..


Anonymous said...

Ohoho. Got yourself a Stark Jegan, eh? A pretty good kit with some of the armour parts can be taken off (can be put on on the normal Jegan kit).

Oho, an Arbalest for... RM30? Seriously? That... cheap... :o

Can't wait for your comments after building him.

seven6398 said...

Bd77: yeah.. i love the design of stark jegan but not the jegan even though i saw some great promotion on jegan..

the arbalest is some sort of FG grade in gunpla series.. but with greater articulation.. i will post it soon..


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