Tuesday, June 22, 2010


remember my post about my compressor.. the one that i fixed few days ago.. well.. i'm here to announce that it have die.. certified.. die one day after i make the surgery.. zzz.. so.. i have decided to separate the part for this corpse (the dead compressor) to few parts and discover the compressor.. haha.. will make some photos for that later..

so.. because of the compressor is dead.. the painting process of my GN-X stop at the same time.. guess i need to delay the process for the GN-X until i get the new compressor.. so for now.. i will keep all the painted and un-painted parts back into the box..

i never had a job undone before start another job.. argh!!! too bad.. my holiday is limiter.. so i have to start another project before finish this project.. as you can see that my tower is building up in the picture below..
i still got 7 HG.. one MF and..
this PG to build..

usually i use to finish at least one MG or maybe additional one HG in one month.. without painting it.. but since now i use to paint my kit.. i may take one month for a kit.. any grade.. but sometimes MG may take about one month plus..

what kit will i build now? stay tune..

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