Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June loot part 3

additional 2 more HG kit same kit.. HG CGUE..

so.. this is the summary of June loot from BANDAI..

all 1/144 HG:

1 x HGUC Stark Jegan
1 x HG Murasame (Andorew Waldfeld Custom)
3 x HG CGUE (Xist's unit)

total of 5 kits.. and one more additional kit from kotobukiya.. injection kit ARX-7 Arbalest..


Chris said...

Why 3 CGUE?

seven6398 said...

Chris: because this kit got special offer.. only 600 yen..

B-Mecha said...

Poor dessert Tiger, 3 CGUE VS 1 Murasame...

Try custom colour scheme on them? :D Nice loot for the stark jegan, I just got my HGUC ReZEL commander unit.

seven6398 said...

B-Mecha: haha.. it is a great idea for a dio.. but a normal grunt unit will not cause any trouble to andrew even it got 3 since it can defeat each with one shot normally from the scene.. i think of changing the color scheme of the CGUE too.. nice loot on your Rezel commander unit but too bad they don't have stock during the promotion..


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