Tuesday, June 15, 2010


alright.. back to GN-X again.. this time is on the paint job for the inner frame.. still left the legs, weapon and feet to done..

well.. i was planning to use silver chrome for the frame at first.. but after seeing Sd Bashee Unicorn from Keita and Falke from Full Metal Panic series.. i'm thinking on some dark color scheme.. which may have some red color.. like what you seen from tsuki's color scheme on his MG GN-X.. so.. i paint the inner frame with Mr.color black steel that mix with Gaia black.. the result is quite nice.. i always been expecting for glossy surface.. like what i saw before the paint dry.. but the paint turn the mat surface after it dry.. so.. should i make it gloss with gloss coat? i'm still thinking on it as i worry that i may spoil the entire paint job and decal because i never coat any painted kit before.. i may buy the gloss coat but have to try before the actual application..

one thing is i didn't paint the entire part on some parts as those area will actually cover by the armor and i'm not planning to make a photo with inner frame show off..

alright.. till here..

the process on this kit may delay till next week as my compressor starting to give me trouble again.. it is in critical condition as the switch is spoil.. then the foundation of the screw had been loosen till i can't even lock one of the main part in the compressor.. have to fix it to continue the process on this kit.. if it die.. it will become my experiment or study on the structure of tiny compressor.. haha.. and i found a alternative tool for it.. the balloon blower which i can only borrow it next week..

to be continue..

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