Monday, June 28, 2010

MF VF-25F Armored Messiah WIP 3

complete!!!.. ???

no.. this is not the one.. haha.. i bought it from some grocery shop.. gashapoon.. look nice right.. better not addicted to it.. or i may get at least ten or twenty unit like what i did when i was a kid.. haha
so.. back to the story.. the chest unit.. well this post is consider as the first part of the chest.. there are second part of assembling process of the chest.. which complete the whole main body..

actually i have reach the process that assembling the armor booster unit.. gotta start it tonight.. and what i think from this kit is the cockpit or chest or the main body is the most fragile part.. the structure is complicated.. if not because of the proper lock.. it can't even support such heavy armor legs.. the clear color part from the cockpit need to be painted.. nightmare on painting clear color part..the pilot and the cockpit is not easy to paint as well. but 1/72 figure is easier to work with compare to 1/100 figure..

to be continue..

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