Sunday, June 27, 2010

MF VF-25F Armored Messiah WIP 2

building.. sounds like red alert isn't it.. my first strategy game.. XD.. alright. this part is for the runners..

total of 30 runners including the display stand.. runners are separate into two types.. runner for the Valkyrie is on one alphabet whereas the additional part such as armors will on the the runners that come in double alphabet. so.. that quite easy getting the parts needed even with so many runners..

that's all for the Valkyrie's runners.. the picture below are all runners for the armor parts and some additional weapon {michael's sniper) and the display stand..

there are some runners from the SD sangokuden series.. those PC ball type parts.. not sure where will it be use.. may be for the boosters..

well.. there are some metal rod needed... on the wings and below the cockpit..
display stand..

these are the most headache parts.. lot of decal and markings.. come in water decal form.. even worse than the MG sinanju i build before.. the number of the decals and markings are double up from the MG sinanju's decals and markings.. it gonna be fun.. well.. that's all here..

to be continue.

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