Sunday, June 20, 2010

Injection Kit ARX-7 Arbalest

alright.. since this kit looks like quite simple to build.. i decided to try get it done before i sleep yesterday.. it took me 2 hours to complete with some WIP's photos..

lets start with the box..

from the box.. some color guide can be learn..
one page of manual?.. two runners?.. and no number on runners.. so have to always refer back to the manual to get the right part.. what a joke.. the runner can use back as stand.. mm.. i like that..
notice anything?.. haha. those legs and tights have empty space in the middle and got no cover on it.. so .. filling in the putty to make it nice is a must.. must learn on putty..
don't underestimate two runners with one page of manual.. this kit does have lot of parts.. and this picture is for the arm unit.. as you can see. it using ball joint for ALL the joints.. and it quite hard to fit in the ball as well.. my finger damn pain when i'm building it..
the body is simple.. enough detail for the head unit as well.. but painting on it will be difficult..
upper part done..
parts for the legs.. looks simple right.. but connecting all ball joint.. you will cry if you don't have a proper tools which i don't know what tool should i use..
TA DA!!!.. the only bad part for the articulation is the tight.. even though it doesn't have any skirt armor but the upper part of the tight is too big and got block by the abdomen.. ..
freeeeeezeee!!!.. note that the palm will come in four types.. the normal palm.. left and right.. than.. additional right arms that holding the shotgun and knife.. so.. basically the left palm is useless.. i was thinking will there any manipulator for this?? XD..
overall.. the kit require lot of work to make it nice.. and those ball joints that expose out can't be cover but there are few things i like this kit is the articulation is awesome.. proportion of all part are accurate.. the design of arbalest.. my favorite.. one last thing need to know about this kit is those joint in between parts are fragile and not come in the right size (connector too big for the hole).. so it will create some seamlines which need glue to fix it..

i will try to share more on this kit when i paint it..

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow... Talk about your bare basic kit...
But this one reeeally takes the cake...

But nice when the overall kit is nicely proportioned and articulated.


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