Thursday, February 24, 2011

Your wait is over ( some additional stuff)

yeah yeah yeah.. MG OO raiser.. wait.. i will come to that later but first let me show some interesting stuff..

alright.. this is what i want to talk about.. plamo Transformers from Transformers Movie?.. i was stunt when i saw this news from Mecha Guy a.k.a Gundam Guy.. i thought it was impossible to create such complicated structure of the robot in to plamo.. even the Leader class version can't release in a accurate proportion with sufficient articulation.. i'm not a transformer guy (transformer collector).. so i will only use my gundam expectation on those Transformers toy (sorry that i called it toy cause i don't know what should i call it, no offend here).. so.. what will happen to this release?. from the picture.. it tell me that it going to be well articulated and the proportion can be very accurate as well.. with the assistance and existence of new technology which is the some kind of CG software involve in the design as shown from the picture.. i'm quite positive on this release.. and with the price tag that cost more than 5000 yen.. it shouldn't disappointing me.. am i getting it?.. let see the finish product review by other first.. maybe.. and also.. if my wallet let me do so.. haha.. 

alright.. back to topic.. something that exciting us a lot.. not for those who interested on Metal build version maybe.. hehe.. just kidding.. nothing funny huh.. never mind.. 

well.. should i said that this kit is expected to be release soon from most of us right.. just.. not so soon.. since MG Exia and MG Quanta is out to ease our desperation of this kit.. i never thought this kit is announced so early.. i was thinking the biggest possibility of the release date of this kit should come in the end of the year when we are totally give up that it will release in this year (ok.. it's my personal assumption again).. so.. it definitely good news for us.. alright enough for the release stuff.. lets get into the kit.. 

from the pictures.. proportion is alright.. i was so impressed with the proportion design on the 1/100 Metal Build OO seven sword gundam.. and i'm so afraid that this will suffer the same proportion problem from the PG.. luckily.. the picture tell me what i'm worry is not necessary.. detail?.. similar to PG also.. luckily PG was release first.. so.. like the PG astray red frame release before MG Astray red frame release.. the release of PG come first give the benefit that the MG version can share some detail from the PG version.. just look at the tight and torso.. you know what i mean.. the proportion is almost same as the 1/100 Metal Build OO seven sword gundam.. that is the shoulders design i'm talking about which does not have in PG version.. the shoulders of this MG version is higher than the chest and the chest size is not that wide.. that is what i called dynamic shoulder design.. most of the modeler who like to mold their kit should get what i mean too.. hehe.. simple illustration of dynamic look... just study from the DX Impact kit.. 

alright.. another exciting release.. from wing series.. wait.. where is my MG Heavyarm.. how the hell is this thing cut queue.. fine.. since this is another great MS design Gundam.. it will be great to see it release earlier ..  i thought it will come after the five protagonist gundam (wing, deathscyhte, heavyarm, shenlong and sandrock) receive MG treatment.. but it might not that bad for me for this release because after the five protagonist gundam  receive MG treatment.. this kit might not release in MG format if that five release not doing well and Bandai may switch plan and focus on other series(my personal assumption again).. always remind me virsago with its look..
HA!!! this is the additional stuff i'm talking about.. found it from the link below.. 

armor Zeta.. not FAZZ but FAZ.. look at it.. i wish i have this kit with this kind of armor.. even in HGUC.. good enough for me.. brilliant work.. follow the link for more..

that's it for today..

next post going to be exciting post.. stay tune..

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