Saturday, February 12, 2011

The power of 28mm.. Room update again..

i always having problem to capture my room with my old IXUS 55.. 35mm normal angle lens.. so.. try out the demo unit from my work..  28mm wide-angle lens from Powershot S90.. awesome.. when i look at the screen.. i don't have to squeeze myself into a corner to get a full angle shots of my room.. just stand at the door and capture a shot of my room easily.. 24mm wide-angle lens? of course it will be better if it have it in Powershot S90.. but.. 28mm is enough for me i guess..

recently.. i'm trying to build a corner for Zeta series.. so.. current moment.. i got five of them.. still haven't pick up the MG Hyakushiki i order.. the seller must be mad at me everytime he saw me in TS.. XD.. one more FAZZ sentinel version will complete this corner after i get the MG Hyakushiki.. 
alright.. for most of the gunpla fans that display their model kit.. i guess you all have your own legend space right.. and this is mine.. most of you who visit my blog saw this before.. but now it come with a little bit of changes.. top shelf.. MG GN-X, MG shin Musha, MG Astray blue frame, MG Exia and MG Vanator custom added.. other shelf remain same..
my new HG spot.. no place to display it..

my current workplace.. just started my MG wing Tv version.. 


Tom said...

Wow you barely have any room. My room is in need of more shelf space for what I want to get in the future. DX

Gundam Gunso said...

whoa you need more room for your kits! Although I alos face the same problem... XD

seven6398 said...

Tom and Gundam Gunso: yeah.. that's what happen when storing and display put into a same room.. i have to share this room with my sister too.. she sleep here and keep most of stuff here.. i sleep in other room but keep most of my stuff here too.. wish i had my own room just for collection like where i visit one of my friend's room..

canopy said...

Whoa maaan, I face the same space problem here. :D The only difference is that I only put several gunplas on the display, the rest are sleeping in their box though. :D
I wish I had a space like Dalong's.

Maaan, you need an upgrade for the room size. XD

seven6398 said...

Canopy; haha.. even Dalong's room is going to be full soon.. as what i saw from the video.. maybe he have another room for it..

as for me.. i have to wait for another few year so i can fully afford my own base.. haha..


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