Tuesday, February 15, 2011

MG Wing WIP 1

lazy and no money.. have another WIP up.. here we go.. the MG Wing.. my memory of gundam wing is always the gundam wing zero which i something that i have when i was a kid.. the SD form.. which have a very big head till can store a tiny wing or deathschyte inside.. sound cute huh.. i saw it in Times Square few days ago.. selling RM 40 something..

this is what everyone hope that it will release in MG.. well.. it come true and it seems that the MG line now is favor to its series too.. Wing series.. so.. my thought about this gundam.. start now.. and here.. first of all.. as from the information from the MAHQ which i don't remember much.. this gundam is pretty awesome with it big buster rifle.. one shot.. barbecue human flesh with metal on plate in just few second..other than that.. lot of machine gun (vulcan) mounted on the head, upper chest and feet.. and a beam saber mounted in the shield.. hand carry when it needed to slash something.. gundam size watermelon maybe.. XD.. not much weapon left once it transform into bird mode a.k.a mobile armor or fighter mode except the buster rifle.. from the design of the buster rifle.. it come with 3 'shell" ( i'm not sure what should i call it).. is that mean the buster rifle only able to fire 3 shots and need to head back to re-supply or re-charge from the base.. or maybe each cell will automatically re-charge once after fire each shot in a very short period so it can continuously fire in the combat.. correct me if i'm wrong here.. other spec about this MS.. i don't know..  so.. i will not say anything about it here.. i just love the design of wing gundam the because the first 1/100 NG gundam model kit that i saw was a wing zero.. alright.. enough for the MS design and other bla bla bla.. i haven't finish watch the entire Wing series yet.. a bit boring cause there are lot of repeat scene.. and the grunt unit look quite ugly for me..

back to the gunpla model itself.. first.. it consider to be small size type MG like those MG F91, MG crossbone or some G gundam series MG.. the size is also quite similar to HGUC series.. like the HGUC Nu and also HGUC unicorn destroy mode.. but don't underestimate the size of this gunpla model.. there are plenty of detail in term of inner frame, some awesome feature like the separable shield for the gunpla model take out the beam saber ( even wing ver.ka don't have this feature) and also sliding wings.. the hatch design for the cockpit is not bad too.. and for the famous weight issue that always occur in wing gundam which due to the palm can't hold the large buster rifle.. original claw design use to assist the palm the hold the large buster rifle firmly.. and instead of providing movable palm.. different type of semi-manipulator (only the finger parts are provided) comes in.. but i still feel that movable is more flexible.. Bandai just need to provide a stronger clip and things should fine for the palm to hold the weapons.. in terms of proportion and articulation.. i got no complain except the head design.. somehow it doesn't look as dynamic as in the anime.. but i can say almost (or all cause didn't) parts are molded into different piece.. easy for painting process.. well done Bandai.. i actually have a very high expectation on this kit and feels like it didn't let me down from the pre-assemble process.. i guess nothing much it can fail me except my own painting skill on it.. 

this is the part i like most from the box..

only 13 runners.. most are duplicate.. not that complicated.. lots of markings too..
first time saw Japanese word on the gundam anime series on manual.. maybe it just me..

start with the body..

like i said.. the inner frame detail is not bad.. even the cockpit have some details too.. not as plain as some other MG model..

now you got the escape pod that have similar design to UC series MS.. Gadess series from Gundam oo escape pod look cooler.. haha..

look at it.. some inner part fro the head is provided even though this kit is tiny..
and the head vulcan molded separately from the helmet..

i can't bend it all due to the claw..

thruster detail from the feet..

again.. like i said.. the inner frame design is not bad and it got plenty of sliding mechanism for the knee..

you don't have to mold the parts to cover the back of the front skirt for the waist part cause the inner part already in.. not like those MG Seed/Destiny model which doesn't have inner part for the waist skirt..

double ball joint for the waist.. good for dynamic pose.. like the DX format figure.. hehe..

and now you got some wing that looks like it got feather..

there also extra feature for the buster rifle.. you can open it up like revolver and change the shell inside.. haha.. cowboy style.. pang pang pang!!!. reload please..
and this is how the claw attach to the buster rifle..

and in order to do that.. the claw have to slide out like the picture below..

the extra feature of shield i mentioned.. cool right.. just like the real gundam wing.. it is the real gundam wing.. haha
and that's it.. just a standing pose is cool enough.. i can't wait to post it.. the articulation is awesome..

alright.. enough for today..

see you in next post on the painting process of the PG OO raiserrrrrrrrrrrrrr...


chrismandesign said...

nice, nice kit, although a bit old-fashioned for my taste =)

Gundam Gunso said...

it's a very nice kit although I prefer Wing Custom Zero from the Endless Waltz OVA. This kit sure bring back some memories... XD

Tom said...

Wow, did you take a whole day to finished this?

seven6398 said...

chris: suit your taste as fighter jet.. haha..

Gundam Gunso: the origin..

Tom: erm.. not whole day.. i still need two days.. lots of distraction and tiredness that make me cant finish it in one day.. haha..

Shinra said...

Wish I could complete my Wing Gundam kit, but I lost one of its hands! Costs too much to replace it, so maybe I can cannibalize the wings from the kit into Deathscythe :)

Looks good so far! I'm looking forward to seeing it painted

seven6398 said...

Shinra: what about manipulator?


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