Sunday, February 20, 2011

Good news and Bad news and my thought on MG Shenlong

first.. good news.. money in.. paint in.. finally i can continue on the PG OO raiser.. bought metallic red and blue today.. and thinner.. without thinner.. i can't do anything!!!.. got myself the Mr.Metal color also.. but i didn't realize that Mr.metalcolor available in many type.. the type i used before was the silver chrome.. i bought the aluminium type today and i thought it was the same silver chrome.. me = stupid.. don't worry.. the result is not bad.. and it is more easy to paint than i expected.. but a layer of top coat is a must.. because the paint can easily scratch or even wipe off with.. just.. fingers..

one more news.. gamers arena (toy and hobby shop) is going to move from the 5th floor to 7th floor in Times Square.. maybe it share the same faith with the which formerly located on 4th floor move to 7th floor later.. well.. the only reason that i think of is the raise of rental fees.. other than that?.. maybe Times Square management want to locate all the toy and hobby shops on 7th floor.. if this is real.. then Grafity Toys might share the same faith.. i don't mind if all of them move into 7th floor.. as long as they keep their shop open.. i'm happy with it.. it getting hard to get paint in Kuala Lumpur for model kit without order from online shop..

ah.. some of the progress on the inner frame.. the black steel color that i mentioned in previous post.. nice..
here come the bad news.. i got myself a Hobby Magazine yesterday and i was curious that why Dengeki Hobby magazine not available recently.. i was told by the seller from the newspaper stall that his supplier doesn't import any more chinese version Dengeki Hobby Magazine.. i was.. WHY???.. is this real?.. you tell me..
some teaser for the silver chrome paint mi with aluminium paint..

so.. MG Shenlong.. i forgot to post this in this post.. luckily Chris remind me.. haha.. got title but no content.. again.. silly = me..

well.. i'm quite happy seeing the release of shenlong gundam in MG format.. which means that our favorite heavy arm coming soon in MG as what the show (some kind of toy exhibition in Japan) imply us.. but after i saw the picture from this review and comparison posted by Gundam Guy.. something cross my mind.. first.. why cant the right arm of the MG version cannot be extent like the NG version.. where are the orbs from the shoulders.. feels like the design is not that right.. not as what we seen from the anime.. maybe due to it release is a EW version.. just like some of the special version MG.. deathscythe EW version and wing ver.ka.. so.. is this indicating there will be another real MG shenlong gundam coming soon like the MG deathschyte EW to MG Deatchscythe hell custom version?.. feels like it is not the time to get this yet.. for me.. not to influence other not to buy this kit.. but i feel weird about the release of this kit base in its design.. but what ever it is.. i'm still waiting for the MG heavyarm.. no matter which version.. hehe..

ah my thought on the alteisen or SRW that suppose to come in this post.. don't worry.. it will come next..


Tom said...

Whoa, that's a nice looking color, that Black Steel. I only access to Tamiya Colors from where I live.

Chris said...

Huh? Where's your thought on MG Shenlong?

seven6398 said...

Tom: i try to find tamiya color too.. but hard to get from my place.. as what i know is even most of the toy city that use to sell a lot of tamiya stuff also closing down..

Chris: oops.. i forget.. XD.. will make it out now..

chrismandesign said...

i don’t remember if u mentioned that the Shenlong looks similar to Altron but that’s what i feel =O... & bout the Alteisen, i hav to check if mine is 1/100 scale or something like that, cuz indeed the boxart is different (but i don’t think the model itself is different)...

Blacksun88 said...

actually this is the MG EW version... or ver KA if you like (since Katoki sensei design it)

seven6398 said...

Chriman: wit a minute.. isn't altron is the upgrade version of shenlong?.. the 1/144 alteisen come with two version which is the normal and the progressive version.. it also got different box art for both.. yeah.. the model itself should have not much different..

Blacksun88: that's why i said there might be another version coming soon..

Q said...

The upcoming MG Shenlong is a redesigned version by Katoki Hajime, compared to the original TV version by Okawara Kunio. I think that since we're very used to the TV version we would find the "Ver. Ka." unusual. To be honet I too was surprised that the dragon head doesn't extend.

Not sure whether TV version will have MG, but it will be nice for those of us who'd prefer the familiar design.


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