Monday, February 14, 2011

Similarity between After war and After colony

alright.. i'm watching Gundam X (after war) recently.. guess i will be another fan who fall in love to the Gundam X design.. but more prefer to the original X concept rather than the DX format.. not sure why.. maybe it is from the weapon design when i play A.C.E 3.. Gundam X seems more easy to use and have more frequent attack weapon than the Gundam DX.. enough for that.. lets get back to the topic..

if i'm not wrong.. Gundam X and Gundam Wing were release almost at the same time.. Gundam Wing in 1995 and Gundam X in 1996.. correct me if i'm not wrong.. so.. in this topic.. i want to show out some of the similarity for the design of Gundam in both series.. (i'm not trying to say one copy another but just realize that there are so many similarities)..

first.. start with the Leopard Gundam and Heavyarm Gundam.. biggest similarity is the large gatling gun mounted on the hand (can't remember which side for both of them).. two gatling guns in the chest.. and plenty of missile packs mounted on the legs and shoulders.. one funny thing i found is the color scheme for both gundam.. it was green for leopard gundam and red for heavyarm gundam.. then the upgrade version of both gundam were the other way round.. haha.. shit.. i'm still stuck on episode 23 for Gundam X After war.. haven't see leopard upgrade to leopard destroy yet..

then.. the second gundam i want to point out that have similar design from both series will be the shenlong gundam (upgrade version will be serpent and altron) and the virsago gundam (upgrade version will be the virsago chest break version).. the biggest similarity in these two gundam design will be the expandable arm that also transform into some kind of dragon head or claw.. the gundam design from the UC series that have the similar concept will the GP03 from stardust memory UC0083.. why Epyon gundam picture here?.. when i look at the claw, wing and the color scheme.. i almost can't differentiate it with virsago.. i thought both were from the same series.. haha..

alright.. enough for the crap from me.. i forget why i want to create this post.. XD

just.. enjoy it..


riku said...

Don't Forget that Gundam Airmaster and Gundam Wing have similar features. They transform in almost the same way; laying flat, rotating the waist 180 degrees, spreading wings. The Airmaster transformation is a little more complicated since its chest flips up and hides Airmaster's face.

seven6398 said...

riku: i try to compare that as well.. but i don't have much information of Airmaster gundam.. maybe i make a second post for that too.. haha.. thx for the info..

Blacksun88 said...

guess they are design by the same mecha designer XD

seven6398 said...

blacksun88: you got the our master katoki hajime.. he design many MS in different series..


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