Thursday, February 3, 2011

PG OO raiser WIP 3

alright.. GN sword 3 done.. joint lock done.. what else.. missile pack for O raiser?.. next post..

man.. i always wanted a GN sword 3.. i bought my NG 1/100 OO raiser just before the release of the designer version which have the GN sword 3 come along and i'm so regret to buy that version so early.. the idea of this weapon is cool.. why.. it can be a beam pistol/rifle/ others then transform in to a large beam sword/blade for close combat.. a weapon for both long range and close range combat.. isn't this is awesome.. and with the upgrade of this weapon which unlike the one from Exia, the GN sword 1.. this can make a large beam for long range distance when it in pistol/rifle mode.. yeah.. its seems a bit overpower.. actually we can call the OO raiser as a seven sword OO raiser with the GN sword 3.. haha.. no matter how you count you will only find there are 5 weapon in OO raiser which is one GN sword 3, two GN sword 2 and two beam saber.. if we say the large beam of GN sword 3 is one of the sword then GN sword 3 can be consider as two sword in one sword.. and remember OO raiser firing a large beam from O raiser beam to destroy the satellite weapon? and the A-law captain saying it was not a beam shot but a large beam sword.. if that counted as beam sword as well.. then OO raiser can be consider to have seven sword which two is hidden.. it just my speculation..

lets take a look on the GN drive..
the wrappers..

it seems shorter then the GN drive we always see from the anime.. i mean that one if this should be the Exia's GN drive but isn't the GN drive for Exia in MG version is longer.. so.. Ian cut it half to fit it in OO raiser and it still perform so well?.. haha.. i haven't try it yet even though i have the battery now ( it provided from the box)..
this picture is for Chris.. comparison with the NG 1/100 version.. i never thought that the size is so much different.. i forget the NG 1/100 OO raiser is consider as the smaller version of 1/100 like the MG wing.. i just hate the way of attaching the O raiser wing to the OO gundam in the 1/100 version.. loose and fragile..

and now is the time for the lock..
start with the lock for the knee joint.. i didn't display all the part in one picture but in different picture just like following the step from the manual.. too many screw and small part.. they look similar.. so i don't want to make myself confuse for that.. that is why i don't want to cut them all out from the runners first to display in one photo..

feels like car suspension.. haha..

and it's done for the knee lock..
and that is how it attach.. it can be remove easily without blocking by other parts or armors because those parts and armors can be move..
four locks for the shoulders and wrist.. just the arms itself consider six lock which for the shoulders, elbows and wrist.. even more joint lock then the heavy leg unit..
don't be confuse about this part in the manual.. in the manual.. this part appear for the four lock assemble process but this part only come with one unit in the 'O' runners.. this is not a part that use to attach on the lock but it just like a screw driver to lock the nuts to the screws..
the four locks..
joint locks for the elbow..

alright.. this is the summary for the locks..

1. joint lock for the knee
2. joint lock for the shoulders
3. joint lock for the wrist
4. joint lock for the elbow
5. the screw or nut drivers.. nut?.. haha

even though the joint lock for shoulders and wrists seem similar but it actually different from each other because of the additional parts add in during it attach to the joint.. that's all here..

next post will on missile pack and painting plan.. still got not enough money to buy paint.. i may start the other WIP for other kit while waiting for the money and paint..

to be continue..


ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

just wanna point out few stuff, GN Sword III completes OO's Seven Swords, which is the other 2 are the shield-katar, although never get to be used as a blade, it is still a blade (despite only appears to be knocked off and slashed half) so, GN Sword II X2, beam saber X2, Shield Blade X2 and GN Sword III, altogether are 7 swords :D

as for the GN Drive, the cone at Exia's back didnt really count as actual GN Drive Module. the MG version, isnt really a Gn Drive, but a Drive module. if you recall the last episode of Season 1, where nadleeh ejects the GND, that's the actual Drive, which is a lot more smaller than the module itself. OOQ, in the movie is shown with the Modules, as it is a lot more safer to travel away GND in its module, not bare :D just saying ^^

seven6398 said...

Zd: I'm agree on what you said on the shield-Qatar but due to the effectiveness and usage in the anime.. i will rather say those beam effect is more suitable as a extra sword.. most of the i watch from the anime is the Qatar-shield blast off by the large cannon when the MS block some big shots..

erm.. i get what you mean on the GN drive.. isn't most of the parts show in OO GN drive is the cone..

Tom said...

Man how are you gonna display this when you're done? Oh and Happy Chinese New Year

seven6398 said...

Tom: i'm not sure yet.. actually i have prepare two places for it.. but now i'm worry about the space and dust.. first option will have enough space but will expose to dust.. the other option will have it in a shelf cover by glass which is better to prevent dust but not much space left for it.. Happy chinese new year..

chrismandesign said...

THX Seven, very kind of u... now i hav a better idea of the size of this kit & definitely i quit from PGs LOL (did i say that before ???)... it would contrast a lot with any of my other figures (that r mainly between 3" & 10" high)... my space for exhibition is quite small & well, the money’s issue... no, no, no... i leave them for the Gundam fans like u (i’m a gundam fan also, but not so committed =)... i will b here waiting for the progress on this one & the others... & now my mouth will shut up =X


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