Wednesday, February 2, 2011

PG OO raiser WIP 2

finally i get the o raiser done.. this thing is even more complicated than the OO gundam itself.. i mean when i try to attach the head and the tail to the main body.. i was assemble it while watching the macross frontier movie.. too bad.. can load one part but can't for the other.. never mind.. but it inspired me a idea.. that i was thinking isn't the main body of o raiser that attach to the back of the oo gundam is a bit ugly and ridiculous.. just think of the seravee design.. with a mobile suit called seraphim attach on the back.. what do you think if raiser is like some kind of VF-25 that can transform to battroid (MS mode) and also gerwalk mode.. when it combine with oo gundam.. the wing design remain the same but the main body seems like changing into extra armor attach on the oo gundam.. just like the power ranger concept of combining two robot in to one.. haha.. isn't that idea is more cooler than just having the o raiser main body attach at the back of oo gundam.. ok.. i think too much again.. lets get back to the kit..

these are the part for the head..
the parts for the tail..
the main body.. this is the most complicated building process for the entire o raiser..

the detail of the cockpit for o raiser is even better than the oo gundam.. got haro in it.. not bad.. but if you plan to paint the cockpit.. i don't think its easy.. recently found some interesting stuff.. do you ever heard of creating the mobile suit cockpit?., in an 1/10 scale maybe that can fit a 1/10 figure in it.. follow this link.. you will be impress on what he doing.. .. creating the strike freedom cockpit.. omg.. he is genius..
part for the wing.. the wing is the most easier part but lot of similar part which can be quite confuse..

the complete o raiser.. one good thing is the clear orange is sharp enough in term of the color that i don't need to re-paint it.. i'm suck in painting clear color part..

too plain for the main body?.. that is what i'm thinking.. gotta do something on it..
i haven't assemble the missile pack yet.. lazy.. going to finish the GN sword 3 first..
ah.. some of you might be thinking how the hell that such heavy wing attach to the GN drive.. wish not like the 1/100 NG version which is so hopeless for the joint.. so loose for mine.. but as for PG.. i just can't believe it hook it like this.. brilliant design.. but the part look thin a bit.. i'm staring to afraid that i will r break this part when i pose it..
TA DA!!!.. now i gotta the oo raiser but without gn drive yet.. feels like the condenser type model for you?.. haha..

so.. that's all for here.. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR !!!..


chrismandesign said...

uhmmmm... it doesn’t look as big as i expected (myb is just a visual scale error, since it looks a bit bigger than an MG kit =O)... myb a pic side by side with a MG & a HG kits will make things clear for me =P

Tom said...

Hmmm a PG 00 Raiser Condenser Type doesn't sound bad. And Happy Chinese New Year man.

seven6398 said...

Chris: request granted.. i will show it with a NG 1/100 oo raiser on the next post to show the size comparison..

Tom: i think Bandai will just release the GN condenser unit if they plan to make one.. like the extra clear part..

Gundam Gunso said...

Good work with tis kit. Definitely would wanna see this beside a MG kit XD

seven6398 said...

gundam gunso: i'm really hope they will realease the mg format..


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