Wednesday, February 23, 2011

1/144 Alteisen WIP 1 (with some teaser)

while other people exciting with the new release from Bandai.. i still have to post this before i'm going to make a post about the new release.. yeah.. my thought again.. lets continue on this..

well.. before i start building gundam model kit.. i actually don't know much there are also other model kit manufacturer like this kotobukiya, aoshima, tamiya, hasegawa and others.. so.. after i get into it.. i only realize there are so many other model kit from different manufacturer other than from Bandai and some military model kit manufacturers.. and my first impression about kotobukiya SRW kit?.. lots of parts and i heard from my friend that the parts can be as thin as RM0.05 cent coin.. since there are so many thin parts.. it is quite hard to build and handle.. and may easy crack or spoil the kit.. so.. ever since that.. i don't dare much on buying kotobukiya kit until i got my building skill polish.. but now.. i don't care anymore.. after look at the design of these SRW kit.. and knew more about the detail of these model kit series.. i have confident to build them and even paint them.. and the design of these kit really awesome (i can't use other word to describe it).. 

alright.. i never build a 1/144 SRW kit before.. so.. until now.. i can't say much about this kit.. from what i see from the box and the parts.. it is very similar to a normal Bandai kit.. but the size of this 1/144 SRW kit is even bigger than the large 1/144 HGUC kit from Bandai.. i saw the finish product of 1/100 Alteisen in Times Square that day in the Games Arena new shop on 7th floor.. damn.. it is huge.. the size even bigger than the 1/72 VF25 kit.. and i'm not sure about the articulation for this kit as well.. but as seen from the box and some other image from internet.. the proportion of this kit is accurate enough but if it slightly slimmer might improve the articulation and the dynamic look just like what the member of do on this kit.. alright.. lets check out the photo..

total of 14 runner come with it.. lets check on the manual for more detail..
it doesn't need much paint to detail up the complete kit actually.. the color separation of the kit is not bad.. more detail on the parts share up later..

only few pages for the assemble process.. i'm quite surprise on the manual.. it looks like it so simple.. but i don't think so.. even there are not much pages made for the manual.. we will see..

WHOALA!!! this is the teaser i'm talking about.. PG OO raiser metallic version.V ( V = me ).. still left few process to go on for this kit.. and this babe really burn me lot of money for buying the paint.. ARGH!!!

my opinion or thought on the new release next.. guess i don't have to just mention the new release as there are many blogs outside there have share it out.. 

stay tune and enjoy the show.. the post..


Busterbeam said...

im looking forward to this one! not many bloggers do srw kits. i was thinking about getting this one too

seven6398 said...

Busterbeam: yeah.. the only one i saw is heathorn.. but still in WIP.. get alteisen riese better.. i only realize there is a upgrade version of this just now.. :(

Tom said...

Oooo I'm liking the shininess. And Alteisen is a pretty popular SRW mecha.

chrismandesign said...

hehehe... i’m still hesitating Seven, cuz i haven’t brought my Alteisen from my friend/provider’s warehouse but i think the box of mine is a bit bigger than urs... i’m not sure =/... these kits (from Koto) r plenty of runners & many parts r molded thicker than those of Bandai, the colour schemes r intrincate, the manuals r pretty simple (in black & white, as shown in ur pics, i miss the color of Bandai’s manuals...) BTW, the same happens with Armored Core kits of Koto... & i totally agree with u, the right word to describe any of these kits is AWESOME !!!


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