Tuesday, February 8, 2011

PG OO raiser WIP 4

alright.. the fourth part.. featuring the 'additional arm' for the O raiser.. it can be said as the optional part because i don't see it appear in the anime at all.. and it just can't all attach to the O raiser at the same time..

first i will start of on the.. er.. is this a missile?.. because of the tail design.. or is this a GN beam gun like what we saw from the A-Law battle ship due to the head design.. confuse..

what about this?.. another big missile?
alright.. this will definitely a missile pack but i'm quite disappointed with it design.. as in PG..
the inner part of this thing should have more detail like what is really store inside?.. missile?.. or net? and those.. cap? whatever.. in front that should be able to open up and show the detail of the inner part..

i don't what the hell is this.. maybe like some kind of GN condenser that release GN particle.. like the additional part of Seravee..
the stand.. the box is as big as some of the HG boxes..

still waiting for my money for paint.. argh.. going to start the pre-assemble process for MG wing while waiting..


Tom said...

So, what's your plan for this? Custom colors, weathering, or out of box colors?

chrismandesign said...

this kit has a lot of stuff... myb it has more stuff than the PG Strike Freedom itself... after an observation, i agree with u, they must do an add to this kit, some clear parts, specially for those misile packs & i guess they will do that (for u, just to pay more money $$$$$)... anyway the kit is worth every single cent

Gundam Gunso said...

Personally I feel that this kit is much better than PG Strike Freedom in terms of design and parts. Just hope that I have enough $$$ to get this kit T-T

Q said...

According to the instructions manual, the first ones in your pictures are GN Missiles (8 of them), 2 fatter ones are GN Particle jamming missiles (much like those used by A-Laws in 2nd season). The missile packs is apparently identical to those used by Kyrios back in 1st season, and you're right that the last bits are indeed additional GN Condensors for long distance recon and long range beam weaponry (according to the manual that is).

All these stuff are like 'extra' stuff really, much like the Grand Slam sword for PG Strike back then :o

seven6398 said...

Tom: erm.. maybe custom color.. i don't think i will do any weathering cause i don't know how to do it yet..

Chris: haha.. guess what i can feel that there will be clear part coming for the PG SF soon.. very soon..

Gundam Gunso: i have to agree with you.. there are a lot of critics about PG SF which i found quite real as compare to this.. at least the lock mechanism of this kit is definitely better then extra sliding mechanism..

Q: so.. the 2 fatter ones is use to create smoke that defuse the GN field and beam like the last few episode of the 2nd season right.. too bad it can't mount everything into O raiser at the same time..


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