Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm BACK!!!

HISASHIBUURI!!! it've been 3 days guess.. i have left my blog.. due to the freaking headache until i need to admin hospital to scan what the f**king wrong with my god damn head a.k.a "sei yan tou".. and now.. i'm back.. relieved a bit.. god damn bored inside the hospital until i get the sd sangokuden zhuge kong ming from my car my dad come to visit me and assemble it over there.. gunpla visit hospital..

so this is what i bought this month.. sd sangokuden zhuge kong ming and the MG exia ignition mode.. just don't want miss the first batch.. it may future value.. should get one more if i have the money.. bought it at RM 189 while the and sd kit cause RM 45.. again.. broke for this month since car's insurance fees come in the same time..

first few picture may a bit blur cause i'm using my phone camera which have a very bad lens.. pixel is good enough since it got 2 MP.. but no macro mode.. end up with all those blurry close up..

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