Tuesday, August 4, 2009

MG Zeta plus A1 WIP 3

alright.. after come back from Pikom PC fair.. have been sick for two days and not even recover yet.. worry about the H1N1 stuff.. zzz.. no energy to paint the kit at all..

so.. this is the legs part.. more simple than i thought.. and the structure design was totally different from MG Zeta ver.2 .. of course.. this is an old kit.. the poly cap joint for the pelvis really a problem to pose as i mention in previous post ..

five poly cap joint here.. this explain why there are so many part from PC runner..

screw needed here.. with my method of fixing the screw into the tiny hole learn from MG strike.. it create no problem to me.. hehe

thats all for now..

to be continue..

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