Tuesday, August 18, 2009

MG Exia box

yup.. i'm building it now.. just can't wait to touch it.. mm.. actually the boxart not really impress me.. the normal version even sucks.. luckily this boxart look quite fine.. but still.. er.. can't really talk much..

not like other MG.. this MG doesn't come with much big part as what know and back pack as well.. the box size just quite small.. i mean in terms of thickness while the normal version was so small.. use to MG Strike series box size.. guess now every one thinking of save the world.. use lesser tree to produce box.. haha..

to be continue..


Akanari said...


mine still on the way T_T

probably arrive end of august >_<;;

cant wait to see ur build :P

Q said...

Ah it's so tempting to get one... Still kinda wishy washy about it at the moment, and I've only just about to finish my NG 1/100 Exia Roll Out Colour version >_<

seven6398 said...

akanari: nice to see you.. thx.. just finish build the chest.. hope to see yours soon too..

btw.. i cant access to your profile or blog.. mind to exchange?

seven6398 said...

q: you buy the roll out color ver. too.. wow.. if i'm not wrong you got quite number of exia variation right.. hey.. i thought this kit will at most of the gunpla collector wish list and most of them already order it or got it.. and you should be one of them already right? hehe..

Q said...

@ seven6398:
I only have NG 1/100 Astraea and Exia Roll Out, that's it for the time being.

seven6398 said...

q: oo.. ok.. mis count.. haha..

Tsukinari said...

@Seven6298 - crap Akanari is me btw.. dunno why it got switched suddenly >_< (akanari was my anime id lol) I think i better stick to one account >_<

seven6398 said...

tsukinari: oic.. ok.. got it..


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