Wednesday, August 26, 2009

MG Exia WIP 3

time for the arm.. nothing must to say here since in terms of proportion, design, and parts.. everything is good.. even those stripe is nice even tough now is a bit tide.. but the slot for beam saber behind the shoulder seems a bit loose. i mean it just cant hold up and stay there nicely.. not the beam saber easily come off..

those picture with the red dot circle is to show the sliding armor behind the stripe.. Z mess up with his stripe with paint.. guess this should be the reason the we should not paint those stripe so we can see the sliding armor beneath..

same as those at the side of the head in previous post..

as i said.. those stripe is pretty strong.. before the entire hand connect to the chest.. the shoulder just can't stay at the normal position so i have to use the stick to hold it..

to be continue..


Mike said...

i'm having the same problem too. the beam sabers just can't stay there and it goes swing up and down...

when u connect the shoulder to the chest, the shoulder armor actually can't fit in and get fixed there and it tends to swing around too. that's very irritating.

i still have the shield, blades and repair parts to go. now i headahce on how to coat this model. too many shiny parts to avoid. the blings, the holograms, the condensers. sigh.

seven6398 said...

mike: i'm still have the shield and repair part to go also.. not plan to top coat it.. but i have a very serious problem for normal standing pose.. it keep on fall down.. any idea?

bad said...

how to separate the holographic stripes off from it's sheet?do it need trimming 1 by 1?


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