Sunday, August 23, 2009

MG Exia WIP 1

it've been a while to upload those WIP picture for this kit.. working.. just not free and tired..

so.. here is the body or part.. the complete body part really look not much different in terms of it proportion as compare to 1/100 version.. but of course it have much more detail as compare to 1/100 version.. especially on the yellow color part that stay on the chest.. the color of the clear color part has been paint by clear dark green as what i show in previous post from the runner "A".. behind the yellow color parts on chest was also a dark green clear color part to hold the entire yellow color part on the chest.. stickers are totally useless here.. i applied it but due to the round surface on the chest so i decided to leave it so the light can come out from the whole without cover by stickers..

so bad.. setsuna got his legs cut half in order to fit into the cockpit.. but i can see there is a little bit of improvement in terms of the detail on the cockpit..

daijoube.. markings are inside the dark green color cover.. so.. stickers? don't need the stupid sticker here..

the complete inner frame.. haven't prepare of learning to detail the inner frame like ngeekhiong yet..

quite impress with the detail for the slot for GN drive.. like what Z said in his blog..

thats all for the chest now.. update a bit slow here.. gap in between update and assembling are quite far.. haha.. now already reach the part of building the legs..

to be continue..

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