Wednesday, August 19, 2009

MG Exia runners and parts

alright.. total of 15 runner.. i guess that normal since it got no back pack unit or additional armor which will make it have more parts.. but parts at every runner are quite neat.. part of the runners.. got a lot of other extra parts as well.. clear blue color part (which i don't know whats the name of it, is it called GN condenser? ).. just for additional.. runner "K" are not in but there is a runner "J2".. guess it use to replace it.. i'm damn scare that i lost one of the runner..

not planning to paint the kit since all the part that come in different color has molded separately.. thanks to Bandai have improved the design a lot.. can be said all the part has been plan, molded and design in detail like been modified by pro.. not think about top coat either.. even the clear color had painted into dark clear green.. i saw many people has make the NG 1/100 exia using flat top coat to make the color look more flat.. but the color from the anime was look darker and a bit shiny.. just plan to do the panel line and apply the dry decal.. will use the foil stickers as well.. they look quite nice..

two LED light come together.. need to find the batteries.. hope i can find it tomorrow..

screw.. why it got screw.. the pc runner was same as strike.. but those screw are under the shoulders in strike but i have check the manual and here is not.. haven't spot it where it place yet..

the "GN condenser".. look in clear blue but it a little bit shiny actually.. in some shiny rainbow color..

mm.. i'm still very curious why it still got clear color part since it already have dark clear green part at runner A.. i mean those for the legs and hand.. those curve part looks like magnifier lens type..

bling bling.. cool!!!

just don't know why.. feels like the cloth just will give me problem.. i heard Z that he will make it look as dull as it can.. mm.. should paint it with grey so it look dull?

alright.. as what we can see here is a lot of tiny parts which not molded separately or painted nicely in NG 1/100 exia has molded separaely and painted nicely here.. all here.. the runner "A".. even the word at the dark clear green color part come with marking (i guess that called marking right).. this kit just beyond my expectation so far.. will see after i complete it..

to be continue..

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