Saturday, August 8, 2009

MG Zeta plus A1

complete.. took almost 3 weeks from assemble to painting and decal.. using flat white from Bosny and Mr.Hobby flat top coat for the whole process..

Damn.. connect all the part after i painting only realize that the proportion of the chest and shoulder of this kit really wide.. actually the whole kit look really wide too as compare to MG Zeta ver.2 .. the backpack is a lot more simple than i thought.. articulation was so bad.. can't even pose this kit nicely.. so hard to think of creating dynamic pose for this kit as the articulation too bad..

the transformation also quite hard here.. those part just can't connect properly.. some parts are just too heavy for the joint or connector.. but i'm just love the gear down gimmick.. forgot to paint it to silver.. the wave rider mode look more like a jet as compare to MG Zeta ver.2 ..

thats all.. hope you guys enjoy..

for the work in progress link

WIP: boxart

WIP: runners

WIP: arm unit

WIP: leg unit

WIP: head unit

WIP: body unit

WIP: back pack

WIP: weapons

WIP: paint


Samejima said...

Great kit but am a bit tired of building MG kits, ATM. Am aiming for HGUC S Gundam or EX-S Gundam, the upcoming FA-Gundam 7th Unit, Shin Mazinger-Z kit, and more...

Samejima said...

BTW, also added you to my links section. ^^

seven6398 said...

samejima: nice to see you.. so this is your blog?

Samejima said...

Yep.. that's the main page, so just use that address instead of Thankies for adding me to your links first. ^^ Also, been a lurker here on your blog for kit reviews.

Sgt. NoOb said...

Looks beautiful. Articulation must be amazing LOL.

Q said...

Bad articulation? I've never heard of that from Z or from Dalong! Is there something wrong with your kit? :/

I like the MA mode for Zeta Plus more than Zeta - just like the fighter plane shape more personally~

seven6398 said...

q: the articulation was really bad as compare to MG ver.2 especially MG Zet ver.2.. that is why even Z can't pose his kit much..

agree with you about the MA mode.. i like it more than Zeta too..

Anonymous said...

can you please snap anoter pictures
of the head in top,front,side and other point of views, it's just that i began modeling recently and i realy need as many pictures of diferent views as i can get in order to achive the best detailed model, and if you can snap some of the legs cockpit and body. i'll really appreciate that.

The Kamen Rider Fan said...

Mr.Seven, im thinking of getting this one, bt after hearing your review, which is better (in your opinion lar)?

between Zeta 2.0 or A1? or maybe Zeta C1?

(BTW, iam a sucker for tranformable MS. haha)

seven6398 said...

anonymous: sorry for the late reply.. i will try on in another kit.. your idea sounds great..

the kamen rider fans: well.. the best will be the MG Zeta ver.2 .. the Zeta plus series still using the old tech of their inner frame which got a lot of restriction for posing compare to MG Zeta ver.2..


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