Friday, August 21, 2009

the latest news

after reading the news from Ngeekhiong and gundam part from Dannychoo.. i was shock.. totally out of idea of the those future release gunpla..

here is the list

MG exia gundam roll out color: damn.. so fast on color variation and why not other variation like alavanche exia or astrea..

MG astray blue frame revise: OMG.. first.. why not called MG astray blue frame second L.. i guess a lot of people can figure it out why not MG red frame first.. because of the just released PG red frame.. and some people even have thought that MG red frame that eventually release in the future will come with flight unit or other extra equipment.. yeah.. i hope that too even the chances is quite low.. and finally some new MG seed series and it was the third new type MG from seed series this year.. hope Bandai will fix the weight problem from the giant tactical sword.. and i bet there must be some people will modified this MG to astray gold frame variation after it release.. and one more thing.. have to wait the review from the runners to tell us the future release of it variation.. will it come with some extra part to convert it back to normal astray blue frame?. mm.. good question right.. if yes.. custom variation paint done must be a lot in everywhere soon.. and that is the fun thing to do..

PG oo raizer: release in November.. so.. 2 PG going release this year.. and imagine that people may work on this variation too.. it gonna be crazy.. weight issue will always be the problem for this kit.. hopefully Bandai will improve it as well.. isn't Bandai has pushing so hard and fast for oo series product line.. less than 2 year for an PG release from the anime.. this is crazy.. the picture from the gundam expo 2009 that show this kit really an awesome idea.. cover with some black cloth.. feels mysterious.. and like surprise gonna coming up soon..

1/100 astray mirage frame: damn.. stop it Bandai.. the 1/100 variation astray has increase in its number too.. i have long not update my 1/100 astray variation since i got the astray red frame, astray blue frame second L(so glad that it release in MG 1st than red frame that maybe solve the weight issue), and the gold frame amatsu, been so bore of building the same thing.. love the bazooka from 1/100 astray gold frame.. but still got no money to implement the plan yet.. not even the 1/100 astray green frame.. have to plan for zeta plus variation( the blue zeta plus custom)..

not really interested on other like the HGUC Kshatriya, HGUC Ground Type Gundam Ground Combat Set, MG guntank or the HGUC FA Gundam 7th Unit.. those HGUC consider need higher skill for the detail to look nice to me.. but quite interested on those 1/100 SEED VS Astray: 1/100 Gale Strike, Hail Buster, Regen Duel and Nix Providence.. finally 1/100 duel variation but why not blu duel first.. not interested on SHCM-Pro Unicorn Gundam.. part swapping need for transformation to destroy mode.. mm.. i hate part swapping because it mean need extra space to store swapping parts and may easily lost it in future..

damn.. this year end going to squeeze my wallet to dry for all i interested.. planning for a PG Aile Strike for next chinese new year but the PG oo raizer.. really got nothing to say.. will i fall into PG addiction after next chinese new year?. it gonna be a bad thing if i happen.. sorry that i lazy to make the link of all those picture or copy and upload here.. i've been so tired this few days.. just want to express my feeling about the future release here..


Q said...

lol MG Exia Rollout announced just after I've bought my MG Exia Ignition mode. Personally I'd have preferred the Rollout colour, but since I've just finished building my 1/100 NG one which has costs me too much (and it was unecessary...), as well as the fact that it's gonna be another limited I'm not gonna dwell on that.

However the Groun Type Gundam Grount War set looks interesting. Will definitely buy one of that for sure and probably 2 normal HGUC Ground Type Gundams. Not too interested towards others at the moment but we will see.

seven6398 said...

q: so you bought your MG exia ignition mode.. haha.. since you like those military kit so much.. guest it suit your MS IGLOO collection..

Anonymous said...

hey i commented at ur blue frame page but u dint noticed.
need some guide on building d model since i jz got it. ur built is not bad at all, quite cool looking.

disappointed tho bandai wun be releasing yzak's slash zaku phantom even after so long d

seven6398 said...

anonymous: mine is straight build with some additional water decal from dengeki magazines.. so not much thing can help other than follow the manual guide.. but one thing must remind you is the giant tactical sword got a very very serious weight issue until it spoil the palm joint for the fingers.. mine was broke on that part.. most of the joint also quite tight.. so.. must be careful when psing it.. those joint on the sword is the other way round means that it quite loose.. need some glue to improve the joint become more tight but not glue the whole thing.. search for the joint improvement method.. last thing is the fingers also.. to make it nice.. few layer of white color from gundam marker need.. you can try spray can also.. faster but not easy since the part is so small.. good luck..


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