Friday, August 7, 2009

MG Zeta plus A1 WIP 8

start with the painting part.. as follow the plan.. flat white on white color part and flat top coat for red color part.. things went pretty well.. for the flat white.. not for the flat top coat..

lets start the story of the flat top coat.. i do it after rain.. cloudy.. i saw the road already getting dry after rain so i decided to do that on that time.. and then???.. those part that i applied top coat was frozen.. create a lot of white spot like the picture below.. almost all the red color part i used to top coat affected.. i post this matter in to get some help.. really have thanks to the people that give advise to fix it.. or else.. it will become the snow diorama.. as a result.. i fix it by using following advise .. arigato!!!

picture below was the comparison of before and after painting on the head for the flat white.. one bad thing about old kit is there are some uneven surface on the part that need to be clean up like the left picture in the V-fin.. but high grade smooth sand paper can solve it.. don't use the rough sand paper in this.. you will cry.. the flat white color also a pain actually.. once it dry.. it like become a surface of white powder and very easy to come off.. it was a pain for me to apply dry decal on here.. not the dry decal stick on it but those flat white stick out from the part to the dry decal.. have to use glue to fix back but the result was not satisfy at all.. zzz

complete picture coming soon..

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