Tuesday, August 25, 2009

MG Exia WIP 2

i quite impress with the amount of the parts that needed for the head.. too bad it doesn't come with two complete heads for normal and repair version which means part swapping needed in order to transform to repair version.. every part molded separately.. just some minor panel line needed.. even the grey color part behind the "mouth" are molded separately which 1/100 version is not and need to be paint.. the stickers is just nice.. no matter for the side or the front stickers.. side stickers are easier to applied than the chest thanks to the flat surface.. i think that is the part they called GN condenser right.. not those stripe right.. notice that those GN condenser actually need two clear part each side.. which are the true clear color (which have no color at all but like some lens that create fish eye effect) and dark clear green color as an cover on the outside.. pretty impressive here.. like the yellow color part that molded separately.. i paint my 1/100 exia on that part too.. but no panel line whereas here i can have it..

to be continue..

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