Thursday, October 29, 2009

D-Day (The Vanator)

finally.. after few weeks.. i mean almost two month i try to make this thing come true.. my first time modification.. glad that i have complete it and not give up yet.. just finish searching the name and.. i found one name.. and not sure it cool enough for it.. but just.. what ever.. i named it "Vanator" which mean hunter in romanian.. trying to use other language to make the name a bit more interesting.. but not at all right..

should i call this teaser.. XD.. hehe..

camera's battery still charging.. guess i can only upload or create my own album for it by tomorrow..


Mick said...

Awesome! :D Wanna see some action and detail shots^^ For a first modification, it turned out pretty cool. Wonder what the next one will be ^^

seven6398 said...

mick: thx.. going to make some shots this few days.. mm.. next one.. still thinking.. may not go for some complicated stuff..

Busterbeam said...

wow. i want sure how it would look at the end but i have to admit... this is pretty damn cool!

seven6398 said...

busterbeam: thx..

Mike said...

you need some purple then it would turned to EVA 01 colour already, hehe. nice job.

seven6398 said...

mike: haha.. even-though i like eva too.. but not for this..


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