Saturday, October 24, 2009

almost done

almost complete the whole thing just left weapon only.. painted the backpack today.. gosh.. almost the whole back pack was painted with industry spray can and no matter how i try.. it end up uneven surface.. guess it because i use abro silver chrome as the primer.. thought it can work since i try it on the shield and it turn out pretty well.. will try to upload all the flaw of this kit soon.. but i guess a lot of people have see it here.. i'm going to upload the flaw by close up photo..

made a conclusion.. never trust on industry spray can if don;t have a proper primer.. and uneven surface really cause a lot of trouble that making the paint look uneven too.. learn a lot from this kit.. so.. gotta remember all this if going to make another one:

1. measurement of cutting part
2. sand it
3. use proper primer
4. never paint the part of joint to avoid the joint become too tight for reassemble
5. handle the parts well after paint and no finger nails to avoid scratch
6. never put too much pressure on the part that painted to avoid finger print on the surfaces.

here is some interesting part.. the thruster.. a lot of detail and luckily.. not mess it much..

to be continue..


amy said...

hi..nice modification you done.i want asking,
did u still needed your Mg destiny leftover parts?i'm currently looking for Mg destiny internal frame parts,preferly all parts from waist to leg.
if u want to sell it,pls let me know.tq.

seven6398 said...

amy: thx.. ok.. mm.. let me know the price that how much you want.. btw.. where are you from?. can i have your number?.

amy said...

i dono how much.xD
but can get not more than rm40?
i live in sungai petani,kedah.
mann, i cant just stand seeing my 2days bought mg destiny lying in my junkyard.T_T.
ok,i will email to you..tq.

seven6398 said...

amy: ok.. then.. make it to rm40 ba haha.. together with the feet.. so the waist, legs, and feets.. you tell me when you want and how you want to get it cause i live in KL..

amy said...
u can post using pos laju or watever?
i need it asap.and for payment,u got maybank account?if can i can bank in anytime.later u tell me all including the shipping cost.


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