Friday, October 16, 2009

dengeki magazine august issue

got this magazine yesterday.. it is an august issue.. most of the picture have post at somewhere before but here i want to share some of this photo in better quality.. it cover more on UC series unit like unicorn, jegan and bla bla bla..

and here it got a lot of full armor unicorn in MG form.. gosh.. this full armor unicorn got two bazooka, 3 shield, and three pairs of gatling gun.. really overkill look.. haha.. some picture show it can't even pose well with such heavy weight..

wait a minute.. the shield can move on its own like the shield bit from cherudim.. is that true?. really can't wait for the movie..

forgot the name of this MS.. but it got show in the picture.. not interested on this.. just want to share some of its picture..

sinanju with bazooka.. i guess this is nothing new too but the sinanju bazooka really.. argh!!! can i get it for less than rm 30? hehe.. if some one want to sell it to me..

nothing special about this MS too.. but some of the design of this kit was quite similar to unicorn.. especially the legs

guess i can make this since it just color variation from hi-zack zaku.. hehe.. but not interested on zaku either..

some line art of UC series unit.. mm.. jegan.. if it made into MG and transformable.. i may buy it..

what an interesting feature for bulk looking virtue leg.. a place for storing missile.. a lot of missile..

another interesting kit here.. it is my favourite too.. astray gold frame amatsu perfect form.. look at the gold color.. damn.. so nice..

with a little bit changes on this kit.. having both blitz arm on it.. it just look a lot better.. and again.. the bling bling gold color really awesome..

here is some extra weapon created on astray gold frame and how it transform from astray gold frame to astray gold frame amatsu..

so this the trick for this kind of gold color created? interesting.. but how does it work actually? mm..

have anyone kitbash this kit in MG yet?

here some real color reference for sou sou gundam in sangokuden series.. quite complicated for me.. gotta get him soon..

i was wondering should post some figure stuff from this magazine too.. mm.. maybe next time..


Q said...

The purple one is called Rozen Zulu, which is written on the magazine too.

The Gundam 00P article about Virtue is rather interesting. It talks about why there's another Virtue called Virtue Physical. Virtue in general is designed to conceal Nadleeh's existance and to be used differently (i.e. heavy weapon support), and two designs are made for the task: Particle and Physical. Virtue Particle is the Virtue that we know very well in the anime series, and the name "Particle" implies that this Virtue uses mainly particle weapons. "Physical" on the other hand uses more conventional weapons such as physical bazooka (i.e. fires rocket shells rather than GN particle beam), rocket panzerfausts, and missiles. Apparently the Physical is designed so that the GN particles can be focused more on defence rather than on weapons. However the Physical armanent is dropped at the end because it is decided that having to switch equipments is difficult with the lack of crew and transport crafts, as well as the danger of exposing Nadleeh to the enemy when it's not in used.

seven6398 said...

q: is all this the translation from the magazine?.. wow.. that's cool about virtue.. the origin of virtue.. haha..

Q said...

Yea that's what it's partially written in the text. It also talks about the development of Exia's GN Sword too which can break through GN Field. The fact that GN Sword's development has caused people from higher up in CB to worry about choosing the right Meister for Exia - if the Meister is a spy or a traitor then it could be troublesome.

seven6398 said...

q: wow.. thats incredible..

Mike said...

dude! where u bought this issue? i can't seem to find it anywhere! i've been looking for it for so long already for the pass 1 month! still got or not?

seven6398 said...

mike: i bought it from newspaper store nearby my place.. usually they keep one or two cause not much people look for it.. if you want i can try to get for you.. can sms me..

Anonymous said...

u can get all d mag scans there, hobby japan, dengeki, newtype blaaa


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