Thursday, October 15, 2009

MG Strike Freedom and Destiny WIP 6

got the part of the leg done.. added some pla plate too.. look pretty bad for the pla plate.. all extra armor was using glue and both left and right leg was done not well.. the gap in between two armor was too wide for the left leg.. argh!!! have to start for the back pack soon..


chubbybots said...

Maybe you can try this out. For the pla plates you can try adding a bit of tamiya thin cement to the part protruding out and then use the yellow tape secure the area for about a day. Should be able to get it to stick to the surface ^^. But overall love the color scheme! Very eva like.

Mick said...

Nice colours, keep the good work up! From things like this, you learn how to get things fixed and stuff. No matter how many mistakes, gunpla stays the best stuff. I'm looking forward to the endresult!

seven6398 said...

chubbybots: thx.. i'm now using the mr. cement duluxe.. actually i don't know what is the different of he cement type.. will the yellow tape take off the paint after if i use it to hold the part i want to glue? i scare about it so i didn't try..

mick: thx.. every time i try to fix something on it.. it look not that good at first.. because i know where the mistake i made.. but as time goes by.. i feel it look better.. haha

Z said...

I have no experience in this field of modeling so I can't say much here but... That is ONE SWEET color scheme! :D

seven6398 said...

Z: thx.. hope your body getting well soon..


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