Friday, October 9, 2009


supplies of the month.. one Mr.color gloss black, Mr.hobby gloss coat and pack of 0.5 mm pla plate.. total cost.. RM 90 which is RM 30 for each.. so.. 1 mm pla plate better for kitbash use or 0.5 mm?.. haven't use before.. will cutter good enough to use for cutting the pla plate?.. mm.. guess have to try..

first time use Mr. color gloss black too.. since the other two industry paint from previous post really disappoint me.. have to get some branded stuff..

also fist time using Mr. hobby gloss coat.. hope one can is enough for the entire kit i'm doing now..

but still.. using can spray really not a good way for me to paint my kit.. very costly, not environment friendly especially i use a lot of space to keep the remaining paint from other color.. damn.. i'm planning to get a compressor and air-brush to save more place and money on painting.. very effective for long term cost.. the problem is where should i set it up?.. especially not in front of my mother's eyes.. so hard.. definitely i won't set it in my room..


Busterbeam said...

why would she complain?

Jacques said...

Here is some suggestions for your consideration;

you can do it in the bathroom,
outside your door/corridor, or
get a additional spray booth to go with your compressor and airbrush, which will solve your fumes issue. The downside will be extra dollars that you have to fork out.

I lived in high-rise apartment in Singapore, where space is really scarce, so I usually do my spray work in the kitchen bathroom.

Getting a compressor and air-brush is good as it will definitely be more cost-effective in the long run.

I hope the above suggestions helps. :)

seven6398 said...

Busterbeam: the reason is she don't like me to spend on this stuff.. and she is very sensitive with the smell eventhough it done nothing to her..

Jacques: bathroom will totally out of my list cause if she discover it.. i'm dead.. one more thing is bathroom's air is not dry enough for painting as i try paint after rain before.. spray booth? wow.. that was a good idea cause i never heard about that before.. so how it look like?..

Jacques said...

some links from for your refernece and consideration:

Spray-Work Painting Booth II w/Twin Fan

Mr. Super Booth

And here's a D.I.Y spray booth if you plan to d.i.y and build a budget spray booth

hope these helps you :)

Anonymous said...

hey wats d pla plate for?
and wat kind of sandpaper u r using?

seven6398 said...

Jacques: thx.. the HLJ one is too expensive for me.. the DIY one suits me better.. haha.. have to plan to build one for myself..

anonymous: the pla plate can use for a lot of thing.. additional armor piece or you can build anything you want by cutting into some other shape and glue it together..

about the sand paper.. i use the most fine type.. grade is 800 i think.. there are few more types which is more fine.. like grade 900 to 1200..

Anonymous said...

oh pla plate? i tot use putty do those things one

yea bout d sand paper where can get ar? hardware shops or r u using tamiya?

seven6398 said...

anonymous: putty also can.. but it got two types..if you want it more harder then you have to mix both.. i get my sand paper from hardware shop.. ACE shop normally..

Anonymous said...

oh thanksss, just to let u noe im following ur blog quite sum time d.

and im from malacca.
ur from kl?

seven6398 said...

anonymous: yeah.. nice to meet you..


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