Sunday, October 11, 2009

MG Strike Freedom and Destiny modification WIP 5

AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. what happen to the amount of the paint.. it seems run out pretty fast.. or i'm not shaking it enough.. the MR. Color gloss black i bought two days ago.. run out before i could finish paint 50% of the amount of part.. and my fluorescent green give up too.. as well as my surfacer.. without the surfacer.. my fluorescent green just can't be use.. now.. stuck.. can't do anything except playing with the pla plate..

alright.. part of the paint is run out.. i made a lot of mistake today.. rushing on work again.. a lot of part not painted properly.. left unpaint and can't be save i guess.. lazy.. just use some marker to cover it up.. again.. wihout the surfaces.. even after paint.. the scratches are still there.. gosh.. i'm leaving it like

the idea is still there but the quality is dropping out.. it started to make me want to give up but i'm sure i can finish it.. yosh!!! ganbateh mas!!!


Tsukinari said...

Dont Give Up!!!


I'm far away from finishing my HG 00 Raiser >_<, bz with all work and stuffs... so little time to my gunpla work >_<...

Never thought that the spray can run out very fast D:... you should consider buying air brush... I already reply ur comment in here if u missed it >_<

seven6398 said...

tsukinari: don't worry.. my spirit is back.. have figured out the way of not using surfacer but use other paint to be the surfacer so i can save a lot of money.. haha..

i saw your replied already.. now i'm waiting for the tkting to call me but no answer until now..

wow.. you must be very busy.. i can build one HG in 3 hours with panel line and minor detailing.. what you plan for the kit actually?

Busterbeam said...

wow this is looking pretty cool actually!

Jacques said...

despite the hiccup from the spray can, the paint job so far looks splendid, very EVA-01-like

seven6398 said...

busterbeam: thx.. the more i look at it.. the more i like it..

Jacques: thx..

Anonymous said...

hey i have a comment in ur previous post. can please reply?

seven6398 said...

anonymous: sorry.. may i know which post.. maybe you can put the link over here.. sorry

Anonymous said...

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