Friday, October 23, 2009

MG Strike Freedom and Destiny WIP 7

so.. have not upload anything for a week.. gosh.. rushing for assignment.. everything just got delay.. especially this.. and guess what.. the fluorescent green i'm using recently.. i found even greater paint.. the first picture.. some kind of fluorescent green also but.. it glow.. some thing like glow in the dark.. damn.. i should use this.. found this in ACE hardware shop again.. at mid valley outlet..

body part complete.. even the shield is complete.. using my abro paint as primer for the arm.. plan to use the same thing on the back pack too..

this is what happen if you don't handle well the parts after paint.. especially fingers nail!!!.. it will create scratch.. and too much pressure on some big surface while assemble the part.. finger print on that surface.. damn!!!


symbiotes021 said...

Wow, finally the clrs are looking great. I kinda missed your WIP after seeing the Freedom in full Green clr and I was like "Yuck, green and Gold?".

Great work bro, can't wait to see this baby finish.

seven6398 said...

symbiotes021: thx bro.. going to paint the back pack today.. still working on the weapon and the storage of the weapon..

chubbybots said...

Ah finger prints! I hate it when that happens!! But not so noticeable from far though haha unless you took a picture directly at it. Guess the paint didn't cure when you touch that spot. But overall your kit coming up nicely! Love the colors. :D

seven6398 said...

chubbybots: thx.. yeah.. the spot i touch just have to re-paint if i want it look nice..


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