Monday, October 5, 2009

MG Strike Freedom and Destiny modification WIP 4

got most of the green color part done on the body.. have no idea about the back pack so have not start anything on the back pack yet.. some of the part have been fix and guess what.. the part that have paint wrongly can't be just re-paint.. even with surfacer on top of the part that have been paint wrongly also will lead to bad effect like bubble.. it must be sand back and re-apply surfacer.. gosh.. i'm lazy to do that so i made the paint become thicker so it won't look that bad.. even just one of the tiny part at the entire surface paint wrongly.. the whole surface have to re-sand or it will have the color not even or amount of different part at the same surfaces look not balance.. still left some plate armor in green color on the arms.. and it finally can stand back.. haha..

was trying out my friend EOS 400D.. these are the shots from that camera.. not using auto white balance.. so different picture different color.. argh? just hope i have something like EOS 5D to adjust the white balance in how many 'K'.. its a lot easier

first time painting the palm.. i paint the entire palm in one piece.. and left sme of the part unpainted.. as for the arms inner frame was also not painted well since it going to cover by the plate armor..

to be continue..


chubbybots said...

You can try using a nail polishing remover,I saw someone used that before for removing his previous paint job. But your green very nice and bright ^^ Love it!

Anonymous said...

Nice!But I Prefer Using White And Black Color
Here is it

seven6398 said...

chubbybots: someone told me that before.. it comes in three types for the nail polishing and it pretty good for cleaning the nub marks without affect the original color.. thx man

Andrew: thx.. i'm planning to use black color as well.. soon.. have no money to buy the paint et.. XD


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