Monday, October 26, 2009

pla plate

so.. these are the pla plate i cut out few days ago.. using it for the weapon.. trying to build one big beam rifle or some kind of plasma cannon.. how to do it? first.. make some measurement.. create lines for vertical and horizontal.. then you got the boxes.. how big are the boxes? all depend.. i use 0.5 cm.. and the tools to cut it out.. unbelievable..

these are the tool i use to measure, draw and cut out.. i thought i need to buy some special cutter and knife but then i decided to use back my cutter since i'm really poor this month.. then i try use scissors and it even more easier and accurate.. damn.. i should use it earlier.. but still have buy the special knife for creating panel line.. that will depend on next month budger and not use in this project..

and what is these?.. these are from my friend.. otaku gunpla.. name called mark.. he make a lot of this kind of thing.. he is awesome guy.. he even make his own "metal" thruster.. but he said the quality is not satisfied him at all.. same to this.. a lot of scratches.. for me.. it just good enough cause i never had this kind of thing before.. only saw it from keita net.. btw.. these are the beam saber without the beam for impulse.. nice right..

just got some new idea on my old kit.. since this is my first modification.. i mean the combination of MG Strike Freedom and MG Destiny.. that is a completely failure to me but still a good try and i'm quite satisfy with it since it was my first time to mod and paint almost the entire kit.. sp.. my next plan on mod or changing color scheme?.. will reveal it soon..


Asian1skill said...

cool u got those metal beam saber handles!!! did u by any chance get those crazy beam parts or no? btw nice pla plating =D

seven6398 said...

Asian1skill: "did u by any chance get those crazy beam parts or no?" .. whats that mean? you mean can i get extra?..

Jacques said...

it will be great if your friend could share will us how he manufacture those 'metal' thrusters. Judging by the word 'metal', I'm guessing it is not authentic metal but plastic sprayed with metallic paints?

seven6398 said...

Jacques: i guess it is not metal but definitely not plastic.. something like metal i think.. and he is not the manufacturer but he know where to manufacture this thing.. btw.. where are you come from.. my friend from Malaysia and currently staying in KL i guess..

Jacques said...

I see, thanks for the clarification. btw, I just lived in Singapore just across the causeaway :)

Asian1skill said...

hmmm ic u have not seen them have u heres a link they look nice and i think they have led lights too

ps it should be around the bottom of the site enjoy ^.^


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