Thursday, October 29, 2009

Litt Tak

so.. today went to Litt Tak Sdn Bhd.. wait a minute.. Litt Tak?.. folks who leave in Malaysia may not know what is it.. even some Malaysian modeler also don't know.. basically Litt Tak is one of the biggest distributor for Bandai especially gunpla in Malaysia.. i guess it is the only one also.. those Power Rangers toys, gundam, kamen rider are mainly import by them from Japan to Malaysia..

why i went there? looking for information regarding Bakuc 2009 Malaysia that will held in Sungei Wang on 24th November.. normally it will last for about one weeks.. i went there to ask about the competition stuff.. the staff there was so nice to me.. too bad the one that in-charge for all the gunpla stuff was not there but i met one staff called William which in charge for general toys which means a lot of toys.. XD.. guess i'm going there to submit my form at this Saturday when Arthur.. the guy who in-charge for gunpla is there.

where was the place?. if you know where is Taman Connaught then it will be easy to find.. it just locate at some industrial in Connaught under the highway bridge in between Kesas Highway and MRR 2.. for futher information.. our best partner google map can help you.. lazy to upload it here.. it very easy to find because at the side of the road can see the big yellow board of Litt Tak..

ok.. i guess this is the 1/12 rx-78 standing behind the box.. haha.. it really caught my attention when i entered the office.. not that high.. i mean the height of this rx-78.. shorter than me.. XD.. i only got one six something for my height.. XD
lhere tell you.. BOOTLEG SUCKS!!! hahaha

the whole building..

oh ya.. there is one warehouse sales coming soon at December 2009.. William told me.. so.. folks.. have fun..


avg.joe said...

coolll man....

AstrayP03 said...

Cool! how was it like there?

Porcupine said...

Can you buy Gundams straight from there?
Or must wait until warehouse sales only they will sell from there?

Jacques said...

Hey, just wondering, is there any chances that they will have very anicent stock like say, 'BB Senshi No.43'?

Anonymous said...

lol the only reason I would ever go there is because of the warehouse sales, and only then.

seven6398 said...

AstrayP03: basically.. just some old office with warehouse.. nothing special.. quite messy inside also haha..

Porcupine: i'm not sure.. they just keep on ask me if what ever i need just go to Sungei Wang 6th floor which is their shop but the price is very expensive..

Jacques: wow.. that is an very old kit.. i think they may have it because i do saw their dealer selling some old kit also..

shion963: mm.. i never go to their warehouse sales before but they said they will held one at December


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